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  1. 15 minutes ago, kwah said:

    Jen generously shared some information but left herself open to comment because of the big red square and how she worded her post.  A decent intent misunderstood.  There was a subtle accusation in Clay's post along with the helping hand.  Maybe the helping hand could have been given more diplomatically.  I am not pointing fingers, but I have observed that some members of this forum tend respond to Jen's posts with less respect than if someone named Jack made the same post.  Time to get in the 21st century.


    :pop: ...A 30 pack should wash this popcorn down.  :4chsmu1:

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  2. darn Unc, that story made the hair on the back of my neck raise up. I believe there is really something to it for sure. Years ago when my grandmother was on her deathbed and in a coma, she sit up opened her eyes wide and said the word or name Maime (sp). Later during the funeral we learned from a relative the Maime was her best friend to had previously passed.  Darn it...now I'm gettin goose bumps.

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  3. Scott... if you are going to be there during the week days you shouldn't have any problems. I tend to stay away during the week ends, that is generally when the rowdy ones come to drink and shoot. You'll probably run into some of the retired GPAA and Roadrunner club members out there this time of of year. I'm hoping to get out to the area next week if I can get my old mule ready by then. Have fun and save some gold for the rest of us.   Jim

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  4. 4 minutes ago, Uncle Ron said:

    I know where there' lots of graves scattered all over the San Domingo area, but don't recall seeing that one ... I looks far newer than all the others I've seen ... I actually ran across a website that is devoted to old graves and they have a part of it devoted to SD & LSD...I just can't remember the website ... Cheers, Unc

    Is it this one Unc ??


  5. 2 hours ago, chrisski said:

    I keep coming back to a quad.

    Chrisski, that is not a bad idea especially when going it alone in remote area. Years ago I had an old trail 90 that i used to check out hard to get to places and it also gave me a second way of getting out of the boonies in case my truck broke down. The added insurance helps to ease the mind somewhat. I've done the long walks out of the desert before when I was much younger. If I broke down out there now I guess I would just homestead.  :4chsmu1:  Jim

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  6. 2 hours ago, Terry Soloman said:

    This is one thing I really miss. Here in New York, if you can even get a pistol permit, there are only indoor ranges, Back in Phoenix, the 1960s -'70s, we could drive out to the Carefree exit, or out to the end of Dunlap, or Peoria Ave's and have a .22 or whatever party! :D

    I hear ya Terry... Seems like yesterday when my Dad taught me to shoot my first 22 single shot rifle. We would just go outside the city limits. We always practiced safety, picked up after ourselves (brass and the like). Tried to leave the place cleaner than we found it.

    A lot of careless folks are ruining it for us here in AZ.   I'm finding live rounds, much spent brass, beer bottles and assorted trash left behind by inconsiderate people. It's no wonder why we are losing access to public land.   It's a shame.  :th:

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