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  1. Congrats and nice finds...where's the nugget??
  2. It's the Western States Prospecting Association. I think it has a 100 member cap limit if my memory serves me right. Jim
  3. I hear ya Mike. I've still got a Tesoro Bandido II that I bought new way back when, and a Goldmaster II They both found gold for me and are cheap to keep.
  4. Thanks Mike. Nice looking pieces you have. Kinda looks like similar material.
  5. You're right Mike...heck at $350 I'd buy it if I didn't already have two machines.
  6. If you are set on a GMT, Mike C has one for sale for $350. if not already sold. Jim
  7. Found this jasper looking object near LSD (Morristown area) about 30 years ago and thought I'd see what you all thought. Does it look like it was worked by man or just a natural creation? Thanks in advance for your replies and consideration. Jim
  8. For a beginner a VLF with auto ground balancing will cut down on the learning curve. If you are going to hunt in high mineralization you will need something that will handle the ground noise and let you hear those faint targets. This is where the new Goldmonster seems to have the edge. Lot's of choices so take your time. Jim
  9. Welcome to the forum ArizonaRockHound. The place is really growing and I'm sure you'll enjoy it here.
  10. Kinda looked like he was weed whacking, not quite sure of his motives in this video.
  11. Thanks Bill for the update and good info. Jim
  12. Congrats Bill...Looks like the "Gold Cookie Monster" loves those crumbs. Glad to hear it handling the basalt so well.
  13. Great job at propping up his tombstone...
  14. Looking forward to yours and Kevin's results. I have a feeling that you guys are going to beat the skunk's butt. Happy hunting. Jim
  15. Welcome to the forum Ed. Looking forward to hearing your input on your Goldmonster. Jim
  16. Hello Zappster. Here is an online PDF on the GMT that may help you out. (https://www.whiteselectronics.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/gm_gmt_instruction_manual.pdf) Jim
  17. Hold on and let me drink a little more, maybe they will start to come into focus.
  18. Great story Bill...I think that pack rat is still watching over your gold for ya.
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