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  1. Nice ones Luke. Looks like that one nugget come out to catch a few rays on top of the schist.
  2. Dang! Looks like a great time, food and gold too...Can't ask for much more than that.
  3. Just curious if anyone takes their CPAP /BIPAP machine with them on overnight trips while prospecting or camping, etc. After a heart attack some years back doctors run me through a sleep study and said that I had severe obstructive sleep apnea. Long story short, I sleep and feel better using the device but was looking for any feedback about these machines working on battery power when out in the boonies. Possibility of using an inverter off of a car battery? Jim
  4. Wow Unc, that totally sucks in the worst way. I've gladly helped stranded people out in LSD and other places. I always figured that they would do the same for me. Most folks out in the boonies are willing to lend a helping hand and then again there are the other types. Sad. Glad you and yours made it out. Sorry to hear about the heart issues. You're a tough ole prospector for sure!
  5. Good topic. I mostly go it alone in the desert but I also leave detailed info on where I am heading and when I plan on being back. Of course I take most of the basic essentials, food, water, tools, shelter, first aid, etc. I have a 4 wheel drive but if going off road in a narrow wash or trail I sometimes walk ahead to check out the area to make sure I'm not going to get my self into a bad situation. Although that does not always work. .
  6. Low and slow to ground and you will nail some yellar!!! Make it happen!!
  7. I wish it was authentic. A very talented knapper in Oregon made it. Can't help admiring skillful work. That's a beautiful piece of work that you posted. Awesome detail!!
  8. Here is an item that I couldn't resist adding to my ever so small collection a couple of years ago. The blade is three inches long and sharper that you know what. Flint Knapped Obsidian and Antler Knife
  9. I like the crumbs too...they are the bread and butter gold that keeps me going.
  10. Congrats on those nice specimens Dave.
  11. Hi Dave and welcome to the forum...congrats on that gold!!
  12. Welcome to the forum GJ...nice choice of a detector....
  13. I use to have some that I dug out at Superior. Never did get around to tumbling them.
  14. ARH, Lots of folks bring there ATV's to get around. Club claims are all around where the main camp site will be. There are no claims on state trust land.
  15. That old Jack A$$ on the hill stills looks as healthy today as he did 35 years ago. Think he's going to out last us all.
  16. Nice work ArticDave. I'm looking for a roof rack for my '91 4Runner. is that something you do?
  17. Excellent advice from the previous posters. I know it can be frustrating finding that first gold with a detector. It took me a good year before I scored my first one at a well pounded area in Quartzsite. A whopping 3 grains. When I found it I was searching really low and slow pretty much scraping the ground. It was a very faint and a soft target but repeatable. I was so disgusted of finding pan fulls of lead shot, tacks, nails and other trash. My mentor at that time Richard Doherty kept encouraging me to be persistent and I will succeed. Well he was right. My second piece came the next weekend
  18. Swamp, I have a feeling that the GM 1000 is going to make my previous VLF's, back up machines. Just sayin'
  19. I'm still waiting for the cold wave to come to Arizona.
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