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  1. There ya go Digger...sounds like a good plan!!
  2. Congrats on that beautiful nugget with your home made coil
  3. Great finds Digger! Coin hunting always kept me going until I found my first nugget. I think they compliment each other. You get the best of two worlds. When you find that first gold with your Gold bug 2 you will be glad you kept that detector. Good hunting to you! Jim
  4. Really some nice and interesting finds Chris.
  5. Wow GeoJack...that is some really pretty work!! It has that special meaning, since it is from your own handiwork. Great job!
  6. Really nice chunky gold Bill. Looks like that GPZ and you are getting along just fine!!
  7. Nice and interesting finds! That looks like the knife that I was stabbed with in my previous life. Ouch!!
  8. Ron, I found some crystals that swirled to the left and some to the right, but finally found one that flushes straight down and turns sh!# dark when held near an audible sound emitting from BHO...go figure!! SDJim
  9. Hello Tom H. I look forward to meeting you and the rest of the forum members at the get together. Much Au to ya! Jim
  10. I still remember my first gold nuggie, a 3 grainer found about 15 feet from where I was camped at Dome Rock near the Big Q. I was using the top of the line Tesoro Eldorado with a Dept-master signal enhancer and a 4" concentric coil. My smile reached almost to Phoenix when I found it. That was the hardest one for me. The second was a 1 grain flake near Triby Wash in LSD, the very next weekend. This was about the time Richard and Liz from "Gold Dust Twins" were demonstrating the Minelab 15000. Richard kept telling me if your finding all that small bits of trash and lead, you will find that gol
  11. Probably come out for a few rays to warm up...and wham!!!...you got him. Nice!!
  12. Well you didn't get skunked! Nice finds!
  13. Is that a petrified pork rib bone in your pan? Nice finds!
  14. Happy Birthday Bill...keep finding that yellow stuff...it will keep you young!!
  15. Happy Birthday Jim. Your books and forum post have been and still are a great inspiration to me. I wish you well and many more happy, healthy ones to come!!
  16. Nice!!... that GB2 really has an appetite for the yellow stuff!!.
  17. Happy New Year to all... and may you find lots of that pretty AU
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