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  1. Uncle Ron, Thanks for that info. Is there any way to distinguish between the newer and older coils on the 4x6 ?
  2. Hello, wondering if anyone could tell me if the Whites 4X6 50 Khz Search Coil will work on the Goldmaster II. I just picked up a nice used one with the larger 6x10 concentric coil. Thought the smaller DD might be a good fit for chasing the smaller stuff in those tight places. Jim
  3. Congrats! That's some right pretty gold!! Looks like you've been quite busy with all that hunting. Time to take a break and admire your finds.
  4. Uncle Ron, What brand of Black cherry juice are you getting? Thanks Jim
  5. You got some awesome eyesight Adam. All I could see was some plaque build up.
  6. Don't remember a cabin or line shack. The road dead ended just past an old small corral and that's where I pitched my tent. I've walked about another two miles up stream towards seven springs and about all I saw was natural habitat. Sometimes trappers would come through checking their traps. Run into one guy that was living in a lean-to up stream, very well hidden. He was living off the land. I give him some grub a couple of times, he seemed friendly but he kept to himself mostly.
  7. Seriously? I've got to try this, I have been eating tylenol like candy for pain relief, my liver could use a break. Thanks Ron
  8. Cave Creek was where I did my first gold prospecting in 1980. I took Spur Cross Rd all the way back about 15 miles to an old corral. I use to stay back there for a week at a time. running a little back pack dredge on a friends claim. Found a little color, nothing to write home about. Great learning experience and there sure was a lot of critters back there.
  9. 405th, 58th, and 56th sq. Ron Anderson sounds familiar, I remember an Anderson in our shop in about 1984, maybe.
  10. Worked at Luke from 1973 to 2012 as an aircraft hydraulic mech and later as an aircraft electrician.
  11. Welcome! Our paths probably crossed a few times out at LDS. "Rattlesnake Annie" I knew as "Rattlesnake Lil" but the years might have rearranged some of my memories.She really didn't cotton to people too well. I was told that she use to live in a cave or dug out with some guy years before she had her little house. I worked out at Luke AFB and was out around Morristown about every weekend beginning about 1982. Did you ever meet old Tom Mc?? that lived in a little house on the other side of Ox Wash? He was quite a character. Hope that you can make it to the outing in March and swap some storie
  12. Kinda looks like the partial that the V.A. made for me a while back.
  13. dang!! now that is some nice gold. congrats!!
  14. Nice nugget Bill...looks like that GPZ did a good job sniffing it out.
  15. Great gold and pictures...thanks for sharing!
  16. Seems like I was on statins forever. I started getting some pretty bad muscle spasms and increased pain in my shoulders, neck, and knees. Got to where I could barely walk. After I researched some on the net, I quit the darn things cold turkey about 8 months ago. Feel a whole lot better now. I take some CoQ10 supplements now and keep on keeping on.
  17. Very nice!! Kinda looks like a gold chicken leg.
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