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  1. Karma may be looking for this fellow as we speak. Ouch!!!!
  2. Wow! These stories brought back some dusty old memories, especially about one arm preacher Jack. I spent two days with him and his followers back in about 1981. I was green and wanted to learn dredging. He had two four inch dredges working some dammed up water where constellation road ended. He said to me one day, that you must be wondering how I lost my arm right? Then went on to say that he had his truck roll over and crushed it. Later on he told me that the Russians were going to take over the United States and that he would be executed by them for his beliefs. I worked with two of his fo
  3. Very profound and painful...the horrors of war. Only God knows what these young men went through. Thanks for sharing this.
  4. Great finds for sure, congrats and thanks for sharing!!
  5. May 11th. That's my three Thanks Unc Ron.
  6. Nice, looks like that porker had a good dental plan.
  7. Hello Mike...This will be a first outing with the Nugget-Shooters forum members also. Looking forward to meeting you and the many others....Jim
  8. Jet Mech? Did you know Rich Becker?? I worked hydraulics until 2000 and then aircraft electrician till Jan 2013. Retired with 33 years civil service. Had to call it quits, I was just having way to much fun out there at Luke. Jim
  9. I'll be bringing some tater-salad and some chips. I will have to leave a little after chow time, gotta get back to glendale and check on the critters, cause the wife will be out of town visiting our daughter. Even though I can only spend the day, I look forward to meeting all of you fine characters. Jim
  10. That's some pretty country for sure! Thanks for sharing.
  11. Wow Tom!...amazing what ya find while looking for gold. You did the good deed of turning it over to the police. May you be rewarded with much AU. Jim
  12. Very interesting information Bob. If those pieces could talk, some great tales of history to hear for sure!!
  13. Rat stew, kinda reminds me of some of the fine food that I ate in Viet Nam...Yummy!!!
  14. Really nice looking gold, kinda reminds me of some Crooks Canyon gold that I use to find in the Bradshaws. Congrats! Jim
  15. Geezzz Matt!! Awesome gold and great story of your Arizona adventure. Thanks for sharing. You'll probably score way more on your next trip. Jim
  16. The wife and I started drinking the black cherry juice about a week ago and I'm already noticing less pain in my old joints. Now if I can just start dropping some weight like "Uncle Ron" , I will be chasing those nuggets again in short order. Jim
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