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  1. Wow, that critter would give my heart the stress test for sure if I came that close before seeing it.
  2. Ron, wishing you well with your surgery. I'm sure you'll be back at that canyon and digging that yellar in no time! Red hair and red beard...Leprechaun trying to get your lucky charms???
  3. Ah, great memories there. Use to go out to bee line in the mid sixties and a buddy of mine and I raced a couple of years at manzi, I guess about '75 or '76. Yes, indeed, I'm starting to feel old now. LOL
  4. Awesome job! Gotta love that San Domingo gold!!
  5. Trump,..sure ain't voting for that ugly old stinking lying corrupt old bag of frickin puss!!!! Did I mention old bag of puss?? LOL
  6. Great pics. Looks like the aliens left you a message on the rock.
  7. Thanks Ron and Dodie for making it right. I really feel bad for the baby who is a victim in more ways than one. That just plain sucks!!! Jim
  8. I agree with what Swamp said in his post. It took me nearly a year to find my first gold with a beeper. Persistence pays off. If you are finding that small lead shot and you are in an area with detectable gold, it's just a matter of time. Low and slow. Good luck to us. Jim
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