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  1. Nice work!! Little Sando just keeps on giving!!
  2. DevilishJim and Swamp are right on with their comments. Ethanol is bad news for two cycles and a fuel stabilizer will help out with keeping the fuel from breaking down faster. Treat those engines well and you be rewarded with more AU. Jim
  3. Just bought a Echo PB-250 yesterday. It is rated at 391 CFM. I will be building it in about a week from now. Second Echo I've had. Very satisfied the performance. Sucks the gold right out of those bedrock/caliche cracks for sure. I paid $149 at Home Depot Jim
  4. we might as well have a clinton cut-throat party.
  5. Here in AZ we have all the frickin illegals and liberal snow birds that screw things up...just sayin.
  6. They look similar to the ones I found around the Wickenburg mountains. They sure sound off through the headphones. Jim
  7. It was after I entered my shipping info...hope it will work for you. I did talk to "Steve" at Whites before i ordered, I had a few questions about the coil. Jim
  8. They may have. I ordered the 6 inch “Micro Shooter” The transaction went smoothly after I got past the coupon code thing. I'm anxious to see how it performs on my GMII. Jim
  9. After I entered all info address, etc and went to checkout it asked for my preference of payment, paypal or credit card. after that it gave me a choice of shipping options, before you actually make the payment it will show the applied discount I took the cheapest of course. Jim
  10. Yes, I had to continue on before it showed the 30% off. Jim
  11. Au Seeker Thanks for the heads up on the coil discount just ordered one for my GM II Jim
  12. There is a 4"x 6" DD coil available for the Goldmaster II. I bought one just a while back. My GM II came with a concentric coil. I see where there are 4x6 and 6x10 DD coils on ebay. Jim
  13. Heck yeah!!! That sheriff got balls. Good on him!!!!
  14. Tom, When I first read your title, I thought you fell backwards on some cholla. After you're done with your yota's butt job, should be good for many more adventures. Those are some cheap mules to keep. Seem to last forever. Jim
  15. Hey Grubstake, Seems like there was an old VHS tape I saw back in the '80's with Ralph Shock raving about a huge gold find and they had to go to a butcher shop to use his large scale to weigh all the pounds of gold nuggets. Wish I still had that tape. I heard a lot of shady tales concerning his big promo.
  16. Thanks to all the crap these artsy people are putting out in the desert now, just makes it that much harder for us folks that want to enjoy the land. They are just looking for more ways to keep us out. pity.
  17. azblackbird Was there any bacon to go along with that egg??
  18. Those big horn sheep are probably hooked on them tasty cheeseburgers from McDonald's. Jim
  19. Yikes!!! for sure...I would have probably taken my whole bottle of Nitro tabs that I keep in my pocket.
  20. Give him the ISIS test, she if he will eat some bacon,
  21. I think the aliens are trying to capture bigfoot.
  22. Boulder Dash, your hard work paid off, beautiful gold man!!!
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