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  1. That picture kinda reminds me of a gal that I dated a few times in Modesto back in the '60's but she wasn't quite as cute as the one you posted.
  2. Good job on your Yoyo. My '91 sure can be temperamental when going into reverse, but at 251K, I'm not going to complain. It will probably outlast me. lol Think I'm missing two or three tranny bolts, so guess I'll have to do some scrounging later on. Jim
  3. Well done Chris. Very informative and interesting video. Looking forward to hearing more. Jim
  4. Box Canyon of the Hassayampa Trail is a 8.1 mile loop trail located near Wickenburg
  5. Whites metal detecting forum. I would put the link here but I think that is a no no, Google search will do it.
  6. You'll be fine Swamp...they will get it straightened out for ya.
  7. Kinda looks like my old partial that I lost way back when.
  8. James here is the link to minelabs instruction manual for the sd2000. Hope it helps you somewhat. Good luck with your project. Jim https://www.minelab.com/__files/f/4249/Instruction Manual SD2000_Scan.pdf
  9. Thanks Alwaysdirty for the coupon code. It was enough to make me buy one.
  10. . Sounds about like the fun that I just finished yesterday. Both cv drive axles and upper and lower ball joints on my 4runnner. With the lower ball joint disconnected it gave me the room I needed to removed the cv axle. I'm just getting to old for this much fun anymore.
  11. Happy Birthday Terry. Have a great one!!
  12. Guess Murphy's Law is in full effect here. Fix one thing and two more things get broke.
  13. Speaking of keeping up with an older vehicle...Just recently bought a '91 4runner. so far, I've replaced valve cover gaskets, pcv valve,which the whole darn intake manifold has to come off to do, both cv drive axles, upper and lower ball joints and wheel bearings. When it is all good a desert worthy I think that I will be too wore out to drive it. Now I need fixin.
  14. Those cords might even be close to Kilimanjaro...you can always count on accurate locations to one's dig holes here.
  15. Not a pretty sight to behold...Better try some skunk-b-gone.
  16. Had one about 12 years ago. Laid there like a dumb ass while they run that snake up my tail pipe...watched the whole thing on camera while the two techs chit chat about their personal lives. One of the worst times that I can recall. Ain't doing it again and yes, someone needs to be knocked out during or preferably before that procedure.
  17. Nice pictures Tom H. Looks like ya all had a great time...Thanks for sharing.
  18. Just don't mention chemtrails...I just want to think of them as pretty clouds.
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