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  1. Welcome to the forum and good luck to ya while exploring.
  2. Hang in there Bill...all we are getting in the Glendale area is dust...wife and I are enjoying some sneezing fits.
  3. darn pretty...kinda looks like a blue ice cube on top of a slice of sponge cake...or maybe i'm just hungry.
  4. If you do encounter an alien while meteorite hunting it, he, or she would most likely be from our southern border. Just sayin'
  5. Looks to be about $11.91. Thanks to ya Terry!!
  6. I just hope those aliens don't hog all the gold and meteorites.
  7. About now is when I give the serenity prayer a shot...If that don't work I take my "meds"
  8. Swamp, listening to the way the fish pronounces L's and R's I would have to believe that it is the chinese version.
  9. Nice lookin bass Mike...kinda looks like the one I had hangin on the wall that sings "Take me to the River"
  10. Bill, I think ads would be a good idea to generate income to cover the costs. I also agree with Chrisski that video ads can cause some problems with some. :)
  11. I think the dog will have better luck finding a real meteorite...
  12. That road made what few teeth I had left rattle and come loose. Not to many roads that can equal it.
  13. I've found bits and pieces of carpet in washes over the years. Guess Mother Nature didn't know to leave the gold on the carpet. Like mentioned in earlier posts, I think nature provides some of the best gold catches that there are, cracks, crevices, depressions, etc. on or near bedrock.
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