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  1. SanDomingoJim

    Got a Haircut today

    You look like a well groomed prospector. Now ya don't have to sneak up on the gold Rick.
  2. SanDomingoJim


    Welcome Tammy...so when are ya going to give us some Goldmonster hunting tips??
  3. SanDomingoJim

    Hello, all

    Welcome Saul to the forum.
  4. SanDomingoJim

    Vintage Goldwire Specimen Stickpin F/S

    "This listing was ended by the seller because there was an error in the listing." It's up for sale again on Ebay and even a better deal yet!!
  5. SanDomingoJim

    Heavy Flash Flooding Washes out California Roads

    I was just stationed there for a couple of years. Spent a lot of time in Modesto with my girl friend at the time.
  6. SanDomingoJim

    Heavy Flash Flooding Washes out California Roads

    I was stationed at Castle back in 69-71. Had a lot of fun around the Merced area. Good memories for sure.
  7. SanDomingoJim

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    Thanks Saul for the info on the updated model. Now I just need to find a dealer that will give a military discount or some good DIY plans. Gotta keep those nasty varmints away.
  8. SanDomingoJim

    Rough nuggets, how far can they travel??

    Excellent, great character on that gold...congrats!!
  9. SanDomingoJim

    Azusa Gold

    I remember Jerry advertising his store in the mining magazines in the early 80's Here's a link dedicated to Jerry. RIP http://www.goldprospectors.org/News/News-Details/ArtMID/3269/ArticleID/72/UPDATE-Mining-Legend-leaves-Legacy-of-Hope
  10. SanDomingoJim

    First Equinox800 gold

    Awesome, Luke...Minelab keeps knocking it out of the ballpark with this new technology.
  11. SanDomingoJim

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    Tired of these UFO's buzzing our house. They are getting almost as bad as the news copters. My tin foil hat and super "XR-88 Deluxe anti abductee device" have kept me safe so far.
  12. SanDomingoJim

    A friend found this today

    Awesome !!
  13. SanDomingoJim

    Howdy friends

    Welcome to the forum Jack, and great pictures. I especially like the gold button. Reminds me of when I use to melt my fines. Congrats on your new job in Phoenix. Sounds like a golden opportunity all the way around.
  14. SanDomingoJim

    Cabin Fever Fun

    Dang!! That sure looks delicious!!
  15. SanDomingoJim

    quads and skunks

    Might make for some colorful "yard art" if one was so inclined to pack it out of there. Looks to me a bit on the heavy side if the wheel is 5 feet in diameter and 4" thick. Too much for my old bones.
  16. SanDomingoJim

    7 GM Micro Dinks

    Great job on the dinks Mike. It's always nice to see the results of a good machine combined with operator skills.
  17. SanDomingoJim

    The Last Pistol I Will Ever Buy

    Ah...great memories. I worked on C and D models a ways back. Love my 357 and 1911 45. It's all good.
  18. SanDomingoJim

    lynx creek

    Not sure if any water would be flowing. If not, might be some puddles around enough for panning. You can always find some color crevicing around bedrock areas. Any gold found tends to help when a gold fix is needed. Good luck to ya!
  19. SanDomingoJim

    Need new gold shows or movies....

    Try "The Treasure of the Sierra Madre". It's an oldie but goodie.
  20. SanDomingoJim

    14.9 Grams of Ugly

    I had a butt ugly 8.9 grammer from the Lynx area. I put it in HF for a while and it come out really nice. Lost just over 2 grams after the soak. Kinda wish I never sold it. Oh well, live and learn.
  21. SanDomingoJim

    Happy Birthday Tom H

    Happy Birthday Tom H,,,now all ya need is a BD nugget!!
  22. SanDomingoJim

    Cabin Fever Fun

    I grew up in the Phoenix area in the 50's and all we had back then was mourning and white tipped wing doves. Now we got all kinds of critters coming across the border.
  23. SanDomingoJim

    Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    Geez Luke, that's one heck of a day. Glad you were able to get to help. Keep your radiator flushed real well and pee them little rascals out before they can do their dirty work. Oh yeah, congrats on the gold!!
  24. SanDomingoJim

    A Good Day's Worth Of Nuggets

    Nice...real nice!!
  25. SanDomingoJim

    Skunk Buster

    Nice gold...good going Bob.