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  1. We don't find many nuggets anymore but Curtis Roach who is one of our group found a nice one this summer. The nugget weighs 9.9 penny weight which is as close to a half ounce as you can get. Spence and Jimmie are making plans now for next years ocean dredging and I'm making some big plans for working our inland claims.
  2. A short video of Jimmie's clean up for today. https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=1922346284684841&id=100007284640290
  3. Aquachigger (Beau Ouimette) spent three weeks with us in Nome this summer and he has started posting his great videos on YouTube. This one is at our inland camp. He will be posting many more over the next few weeks.
  4. We rarely say how much but a lot more than two ounces. More fun to let people guess. That clean up represents 40 hours underwater dredging.
  5. Report from Nome Spencer did another clean up at Nome River in our clean up box. This is his gold from the last two weeks dredging in the Bearing Sea. He goes home tomorrow and will come back in August. I will be going back inland in a few days to resupply Bruce. Jimmie fixed our red Ranger so both six wheelers are working now. Now that we do almost all of the repairs on our vehicles and everything up here is paid for the gold being found should be more than expenses this year. Last year Spence spent more than he received and found in gold. Most of the dredgers and dredges here in Nome have failed and the dredges are sitting around all over town and not working. We have had mostly good weather so far and hope that it continues so Jimmie can find good gold.
  6. Report from Nome We traveled 46 miles out Council road to East Fork Solomon River and unloaded vehicles. Left trucks and trailers and went up the river eight miles on four off-road vehicles. The water was a little too deep and we had several water related problems. After the Solomon we went up on the corduroy road made from cross ties from the old abandoned railroad and into the mucky tundra. This starts the hard part of the trip. Four miles through muck and the Casadepaga River to get to our Monument camp. We have 200 acres total located in three sites along creeks and rivers. At Monument the camp was in good shape with no animal damage and nothing was missing. The other guys went on up the river to check out where we wanted to set up the 5 inch dredge. We saw from the snow that we could not get to where our 6 inch dredge is so we were just able to use the 5 inch. While the were gone they sank the Yamaha ATV and got it back to camp. We drained and replaced the oil and removed all unwanted water and got it running again. By this time we were having problems with four of our four off-road vehicles. The red 6 wheel Ranger was getting water in the clutch. Spence had to patch a pretty big hole in the clutch cover to keep water out of the clutch. He found some inner tube material around camp and used silicon to make a patch. It worked. The other 6 wheel Ranger had broken a blade on the cooling fan and was shaking pretty bad. This happens because Polaris is stupid and didn't design the fan to prevent water from busting the brittle blades. If the blades were more flexible this would not happen. The red Ranger busted a fan blade a couple days later so we must replace the complete fan housing,fan motors and blades on both Rangers. $300.00 each.You cannot buy just the blades which is all we need. We do all our own repairs and we are a darn site better at repairing and getting it done than the repair shop up is. Spence and Jimmie set up the 5 inch dredge and started teaching Beau and Bruce about the dredge. By this time the other ATV had also been sunk and we had to remove and replace the oil in it. Next day we set up the 5 inch dredge in the river and Spence and Jimmie went back to Nome so they could continue dredging in the sea. Someone must make money to pay for all our repairs. Don and I stayed six days and trained Beau and Bruce about everything up there and showed them the sites we could get to. We set up two high bankers on good gold bearing ground for them to work. Before we returned the Yamaha that Bruce is using had a bad breakdown. The front right A-arm broke at a more remote location and had to be left. Bruce and Beau rode double back to camp. Don and I have been back in Nome for two days getting all the parts and tools that we need to repair the Yamaha. We hope. We will be heading back to Monument today. Don made friends with the local ground squirrels at Monument. He said this one is named Ralph. Water is down about eight inches in the rivers now so hopefully we will have less water problems getting back in.       
  7. That was 11 days dredging. Much less gold now than years ago. Spence and I have been coming 25 years.
  8. $2000 per month per person. We will also help with training on equipment and some transportation and support in Nome. What would be best is a club or group of people who would come for a week, two weeks, a month or whatever. For a group or club like this we would only charge $5000 and they could divide amongst themselves. We are spread too thin for us to be able to spend enough time ourselves at our inland operation. We spend most of our time dredging in the Bering Sea and live at our Nome property. We have four ocean dredges and two inland dredges and not enough people to use everything that we have.
  9. No job. This is an Alaska adventure. Pay your own way and keep your gold. We furnish the camp, the claims and equipment. All other expenses such as food,gas and ATV rental are not included. Call for more information 205-672-9310.
  10. Most of the video clips were last summer but some were from 2015. I just assembled them to show some of what is around. The dredging was this past summer. The jar of gold is one of mine. I've been mining in Nome for 25 years.
  11. I finally got around to making a not very good video of our inland operation about 60 miles from Nome. We spend most of our time working our sea dredging operation and we need to have people who want to operate the inland operation. This would really be good for a gold club or group of people. Call me Steve Phillips 205-672-9310
  12. If you are looking for workers for next season inland mining I'd be interested. I work circles around 9.9/10 people I meet, am 26 with no kids nor any real commitments at this time, am a total gold junkie. Fairly good at prospecting new grounds as well. Shoot me an email if you want to chat more.


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