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  1. I believe its from a 1851 style colt navy revolver. I found one a while back but not in as good a shape as yours. Nice find. strick
  2. Thats what it's all about. Great to see your boys are into it. strick
  3. Tom Thanks for sharing those pictures for those of us that wished we were a part of it. strick
  4. Hey Ron- I don't mind the dark....in fact I do some of my best work in the dark so keep them coming please. I was wondering what settings you guys prefer on the CTX? Are you using stock programs or tweaking you own? Thanks for sharing! strick
  5. I saw that article and put two and two together. Wish I knew were that secret patch was!! Thank you Adam for taking the time to write the article. strick
  6. make sure you close those drapes before you leave. strick
  7. That's Awesome...and thanks for washing your hands for the photo! strick
  8. Yes show us were the place is and we will try and get there for you strick
  9. Yep that name rings a bell for sure. Time gone bye. We used to make it a point to stop there on our way thru every year. That valley is some of the nicest looking country I have every been through and I have been through most of the western USA. Must have been nice to plant your roots there if only for a while....wish I could say the same for myself. strick
  10. Know the country well. Although I live 5 hours away I've hunted up there for the past 35 years. We back pack into the trinity alps off Callahan/Cecilville rd. I used to enjoy talking to the guy that ran the post office/store in Callahan. I forgot his name. About 10 years ago or so he shut down and moved to Wyoming I believe. The bar is still there as is another small store on the west side of the road. strick
  11. That form of gold looks to be very fragile. I'm wondering.... is it consistent with a certain location? and when you are hunting in that location is that the only type of gold you will find? Also how do you prevent damaging while you are digging it? Stay wide and clear of the target? Thanks for this post. strick
  12. So then if the earth was bombarded my meteorites full heavy metals such as gold millions of years ago it seems to me that the earth would then be much heavier at the areas of impact and therefor would spin in an uneven manner much like a tire that is out of balance on a car ? Just sayin.... strick
  13. How much did the larger one weigh and how deep did the SDC hear it? strick
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