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    Rocks whether they be Caveman tools ,meteorites or gold ore ,Im looking to learn about these.I like laughing and positive thinking

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  1. I am ready too go find the gold or whatever.I am fun and ready too go.I wont be on here anymore because I got kicked out.I will find gold if anyone wants too go call me 602 741 1584 melanie I am not wimpy i can hold my own I want to go far on foot
  2. wow black bird this book is great Im reading it right now thank you very much
  3. I try looking stuff up its not like I dont .I have a mineral book it doesnt have any pictures of this rock here.I realize Im kind of lame and dont write well .I am earnestly trying here you think I should be embarassed ?why everyone has been really nice. these are serious questions that I cant find the answers too .If I knew the answers I wouldnt ask:) I appreciate the information I get from you guys and being able to ask questions here without making me feel embarrased .Im trying I really am .
  4. I appreciate the concern ,the stuff does hurt my hands.lol .I feel fine. I would love to go to an assayer the closest one is in tuscon Im in phoenix. I dont have a ride .anyone want to give me a ride
  5. can anyone tell me what this may be?
  6. Questions are. Is the gold test acid, Nitric acid? Are there any non magnetic metals, that pass the acid test, not worth money? Does aqua regia disolve >all metals< and let them come back . out with that powder? Do only precious metals not get affected by nitric acid? Im sure I could look up these questions. butt they are new questions. I really appreciate the time I can save by your answers. (not too mention how side tracked I get) Thank you for your help Im going to tell my story you dont have to read it its optional. P.S.Im going to go on and update where Im at with the other stuff , and what Im up too now.its a long story so my writing is going to get Bad.I cant type fast and type carefully like I just was anyways all these shiny heavy rocks, I got alot of ,are all a little different from each other.they say where theres one is usually the other. Im not finding any straight up nugs.Im concentrating on these Bigger( heavy)ones that show signs of metal and look like the pictures of precious metal ores on google images. I realize the pictures arent all true ,totally realize.That is too bad really to bad.because they are false advertising important things.Well I had 1 of these rocks awhile back,shiny metallic that stands up to the acid test.my friends neighbor took a sample, too a guy at his church an ole time prospecter. well he tested it said it was 20 percent gold, that he would process it for me if I smashed it up . he said he had to use aqua regia and he wanted 15%. well the rock weighed 60 pounds.I got shot lost it, and he died.going on his word I have now gotten more of the stuff from the same spot ,and tried the aqua regia 1 time. keep in mind not knowing what Im doing, I just watched a few videoes,read a little. .The guy who knew the miner.acid tested my stuff wanted to be my 50 50 partner, and had the acids .Well here we are at his place alot of crushed up. ore? I told him we needed to clean it up more .he said letsjust get it started. well I had panned the stuff a little .alot of dark mud washed off alot of micro fine gold wanted to go with it.I saved it.He said it needs to sit there for two weeks ,come back in two weeks.I told him I wanted to be part of the process. Se he said he would leave the gate open I can come and go as I pleased.well we mixed the nitric and the hydrachloric.put in alot of crushed up stuff had the big reaction(yucky)it didnt last real long and was completely calm after a bit. I told him on one video they would add more keep it going.well he wouldnt let me add more stuff. he said he wanted togo to the store and get the cheaper muriatic acid.too come back. I told him well lets take a little out and give me a teaspoon of the 7 $ a pond SMB see if it drops out now, might be done .he cops an attitude says no. so after arguing awhile, I was leaving with the sample I had taken out.some partner I told him this partner thing wasnt going to work.I mean he supposedly knows nothing of how too do it,yet is too tell me how were doing it. would not give up no chemicals. He wouldnt answer the door all the next day so I just went in his backyard n got it. I added som muriatic I had ?I didnt have nitric . it reacted awhile. I tried filtering it wich was a joke without a vacuum pump and vented earlmeyer. I went ahead and added the smb and water. it turned red right and it seperated I I suppose it dropped outbutt duh all that ore stuff was @ the bottom wich I went about fltering out with a screen only leaving the stuff that dropped out to dirty still.I didnt know the rest of the process didnt want too leave it all out, at my friends house and go home and get on the internet so I went about trying to get the stuff at the bottom seperated(not easy). carefully pouring of the liquid without pouring out the stuff.I finally got a sample of it dried out and it was goldy brown and powdery .the stuff in the video was more clumpy n maroon.when I hit the stuff ,with a torch . most of it turned black, underneath some goldish stuff that nitric acid doesnt effect was stuck on the iron thing .after all night, alot of glass things and some heating and trying to seperate the stuff and dry it out this morning.and then those results. I have another plan thats better(, I think) .it has too do with all the magnetic rocks I haveand aqua regia, and I have pretty many .I think they are meteorites they pass all the tests from the nasa website.I guess they dont want meteorites without fusion crusts or certificates.Im going too smash them and aqua regia them maybe . p.s.Also maybe my partner? who doent get on the internet may have switched me out the acid seeing as how he knows all about the process now and didnt when he told me he swears he will get my big rock back yet when the guy told him where it was he didnt go check. .I think my writing is getting even more confusing and Im getting even more flightier as time goes on ..I can bareley follow this myself sorry
  7. Thanx for all the best wishes and helpfull ideas and thank you weaver hillbilly for showing me how its not so kool writing real bad.
  8. well i am smashing up my hand and a real heavy rock.The rock wont bust apart just barely chippin layers of the outside and compacting the stone tighter and tighter.I have never hit a rock so many times.anyways I put some threw a screen thing . trying to pan it in the lid to a big can about an inch deep.there is alot of floaty stuff so i put some hand soap in it, now I got smegma on top ,I am not cutt out for this stuff.do I want to wash away the coating on the top.Wish I had a pan. I took some more blurry images Ill put on here.I need help with this ,I dont even deal ,with this dealing with it . I have a bunch of questions that I dont remember right now,like does the roasting process . refine the same stuff that aqua regia?refines.and nugget bob why did you say to wash my hands ?should I not have that stuff get in an open cut? and does anyone know an assayer or metalclurholio guy in north phoenix :)I also included 2 blurry pictures of the smegma.If this stuff pans out I would want to donate it to a situation for kids. I would really like to join a digging deep quik competition.with my special tool and technique. I probably seem like a kook or maybe ,I just feel like one,Am I the only wanna be to roll threw here. I really dont care about any pay off I just need to succeed at finding a new huge supply right under everyones feet so I can prove there can be no set record where stuff is at.new stuff is surfacing daily. Not alot of people are looking for the ugly stuff that theres alot of everyone and me wants the nuggs.eh?
  9. its not stolen .I don't trespass .puncuations are for conformists .why you want too bite my head off. I was explaining in a rambling way .I don't want the results this way I am not wrong. Im still working on this. that refiner only roasts stuff I need to do the aqua regia Thanx everybody for the benefit of the doubt .If anyone does agua regia<<??? call me ill go 5050 602 741 1584
  10. you know what ? Its not gold its Platinum ore I should recieve my check in two days from the refinerey . so Ill be back in a couple days to tell ya all how it went I so deserve this I got like ten pounds and its 15 and 20 percent pure .hip hip hooray . the pink spot happened when I hit It real hard with a torch
  11. Am I Like a Hope'achondriate or wanna be :)Im wondering.Im flighty fersure
  12. I think Im getting the gold fever

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