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  1. I think what they are trying to say is it is very difficult to find useful information to learn about meteorites, in which I totally agree. Most meteorites that we learn from are fresh museum pieces. This is not useful nor practical for the common folk that stumbles upon a suspect...or even an avid hunter who wants to make cold finds. I think everyone is assuming that he is boasting about his amazing finds, probably because of his name, but I didn’t read anything about that. I could make my name “superman” but does that make me superman?
  2. SWEET! I bet some people feel a little silly now 😬😅 Nice work bro
  3. For me, it was always about the rock or I wouldn’t have been posting so much. For many, it was simply to get a laugh. As I stated in my deleted post, I love meteorites and I get a lot of excitement from seeing them, especially on this forum because they are far and few between. So when I see people trying to discourage people like Rocky, it can get frustrating. Please stop pointing the finger at me. I didn’t initiate the battle, I was simply defending rocky (and myself)...I believe I also apologized in my deleted post, so I’m not sure why it was deleted. Kinda feel pinned in a corner here and
  4. Auseeker, you must have deleted my post...may I ask what for? I didn’t think it was derogatory or offensive to anyone. If I’m going to be targeted here and have posts deleted for no reason, I might as well not even show up. This is turning out to be a waste of time for me now
  5. Some people might have gotten the wrong impression from me. Personally, I get overly excited when I see a meteorite, particularly on this website since they are few and far between. Rocky has clearly done his due diligence to identify meteorites and sounds like he’s put a lot of effort into hunting for them. That deserves major respect, not mockery and shaming. One last fun fact for you all: meteorites are so rare that if you take the total weight ever recorded, it still weighs LESS than the worlds ANNUAL weight in gold. In my opinion, there’s a lot more meteorites out there, but as
  6. As rocky just said, the more he polishes, the more colours he is seeing. This was the same with the example I posted. Before polishing, there weren’t many colours to be seen and the window looked very dull. I assume Rocky’s will also show more red the more he polishes
  7. Not sure what it is, but definitely not a meteorite
  8. True although I have a few highly weathered specimens that have lost all shiny visible flakes and now have metal in the form of hematite veining. At certain angles, the metal is visible but the angle that he has taken the picture, you won’t see anything shiny. Take this 3.2kilo for example...hope this helps unpolished fresh cut Polished window Polished with slight angle for photo Unpolished window through 10x magnification Polished window through same magnification
  9. If you want to learn about meteorites, don’t come to a forum where people give poor opinions and decide to jump in on topics just for the hell of throwing gas on a fire. I initially congraduated rocky (as he should be) and this created a war? This is so wrong. This forum seems to revolve more around drama and not so much meteorites. I think people get more of a kick stirring the pot than actually seeing a meteorite
  10. Don’t know, maybe grind a window in each and take a close up pic like rocky did, then maybe I’d have an answer for you. Sometimes you just don’t know until you see inside. I’m not sure why people seem to think that only analysis will tell- yes, for some achondrites, this is true. Ordinary chondrites are a different story. Yes, some rocks have circles inside but they are certainly not jam packed like Rockys. I have found many meteorites that I was uncertain of (since I am always learning) but then I shine that window and see those chondrules...rough cuts will not always clearly show chon
  11. I know I’m laughing, and I’m sure rocky is too (I would be with a find like that!) We seem to be the only ones on here who can identity meteorites that aren’t picture perfect (although I could argue that window is pretty darn obvious)
  12. I don’t think you should insinuate that rocky fabricated an email to bluff his terrestrial rock into a meteorite. I don’t want to have to do silly things like screenshot an email from Dr. Rubin, but I feel bad for the grief everyone has given Rocky when all he did was share an incredible treasure that he discovered. From what I can see, he did infact receive an email from Dr. Rubin. I guess not everyone takes the same holidays
  13. Ya but who’s Alan Rubin? Oh, he’s only one of the most respected guys in the industry I think that’s a checkmate. Nice one Rocky! She’s a beaut and I would consider doing a few nice slices if I were you. Definitely nicer on the inside.
  14. I also see very thin hematite veining on the top left of the window. A good sign in my opinion. Practically all of my desert meteorites contain this terrestrial weathering. Looks like a big fat vein running through the middle as well and for those experts out there, we all know what mineral is commonly found in meteorites and what color it is. I may be a bit color blind But I’m seeing a lot of green another good sign!
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