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  1. munroney

    Any oppinions on this ?

    Not sure what it is, but definitely not a meteorite
  2. munroney

    What types H5 or?

    Those are quite possibly sericho pallasites from Kenya. I wouldn’t doubt that one
  3. munroney

    I.D. help

    Heres a picture of a Mesosiderite. Sharp edges, no fusion crust and certainly no signs of any regmaglypts. Would definitely hate to toss that one
  4. munroney

    I.D. help

    I agree with bob and mike but I would hate to disregard a meteorite solely because “it doesn’t have any traits” of one. I’ve seen many meteorites that have zero fusion crust and no regmaglypts. There’s a reason that meteorites with these traits generally sell for more-because not all meteorites have them. If you want a better idea of what it is, put a small window in it. Considering it has no surface features of a meteorite, this will not devalue it. You might lost a fraction of a gram, but worth it if you want an answer.
  5. Why would Tagish lake disintegrate? I understand it’s friable but it’s also lacking metals which is usually the biggest factor in regards to weathering in wet climates. Apparently Kainsaz CO in Russia looks similar to the day it fell. My assumption is less metals-better preservation
  6. I agree with bedrock bob. Some days I will have a dozen suspects, and instead of hauling them around in my bag, or even worse, on the plane, I will polish a little window in each to verify what they are. As he said, it takes 10 seconds. Get some sandpaper, use bottled water (if possible) and isopropanol alcohol after (to take out the moisture) You don’t need to cut the specimen in half, just a small 1cm window usually does it (especially for chondrites) please post more pictures of the interiors of these specimens. It will greatly help all of us in determining what you have 👍
  7. munroney

    I.D. help

    It seems fairly small if it were to be a 260g chondrite. I would guess some type of slag or something more dense than chondrites. If you used a common household magnet that had a strong pull, then probably not a meteorite. I suggest either putting a window in it, or doing a bulk density test to determine how many grams/Cm cubed. Here are some instructions on how to do that. http://meteorites.wustl.edu/id/density.htm hope that helps, but I wouldn’t get your hopes up 😅 I haven’t studied many pallasites but they are more dense than chondrites and contain crystals. A window would clearly show that. Good luck
  8. I like these ones but nearly impossible to identify with those pics. Magnetism? Maybe some pictures of the inside? Unless you are going to your garden everyday, it sure seems like you put in a lot of effort. I’m coming to Kenya at the end of this year/early next year if you want to do some hunting together. Maybe I can lighten up your bag a little 😅
  9. munroney

    Your opinion welcomed

    I agree jimale! The first one is clearly from the ring around Uranus, but I could argue the second one is likely a piece of alien spacecraft. Much more valuable if you want to talk $$ 👽 One way to identify this for certain is to lick it-if it tastes sour, then it is infact from an alien spacecraft. How does it taste???
  10. munroney

    Is this a meteroite

    Judging by the brown crust, this looks to be a meteorite from Uranus. Probably worth 2.8 million dollars, to the right buyer of course.
  11. Second meteorite to be found in the ocean* (unless they are referring to only US Meteorites) Good luck to them anyways. With all that effort, I hope they at least pull out something better than an L6 😂
  12. munroney

    Metal meteorite?

    I would say not a meteorite. Possibly iron ore?
  13. munroney


    Nice work mike. Maybe you can help me put together a 3kilo I found. I have about 15 pieces put together and maybe another 20 to go. Unfortunately the pieces just keep getting smaller and smaller 🤔😩 picture shows ~1kilo Heres another one that took me about an hour to figure out. It’s a great game to play with friends as I’ll hand it over in pieces and let them figure it out. I can almost do it with my eyes closed now 😅
  14. munroney

    On the price of 3 South American stones

    😂 hopefully 15,000 will give you enough money to skip town because the buyer might eventually come looking for you
  15. Meteorites are cool...guns are stupid 🤪