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  1. I have put in alot of time investigating types os stony meteorites to compare this to. Only because i know what i saw. And i have collected rocks my whole life and for this to be so out of place here in michigan usa while so closely resembling rare confirmed meteorites has my resolve primed. No fusion crust on this type of stone is simply because it was ejected after burning occured. Packed with chondrules and it could have been a chondrule itself in larger stone. I see carbonaceous chondrites of l3 l4 and l6 classifications with similar looks. Each one of those was the first of its kind. Awes
  2. Negative on streak. Silverish below when filed
  3. It doesnt attract magnet. Very heavy. Looks to have gold color mixed in. Would love to know what it is. Found it years ago.
  4. It is a very light stone and given its physical limitations to carry momentum in any direction but down i find it curious to have intersected my position with the speed it did. resembling so closely at least a couple pics of carbonitious condrites. From what my investigations have provided to my own skepticism there are completely different variables for light objects entering atmosphere meandering downward like a feather. Please brainstorm this with me.
  5. Thought about that and every other obvious possibility and it definitly was moving too fast to be a result of my actions.
  6. I was at home . It struck a garbage can less than 2 feet from me in the direction i was moving and bounced across driveway until it hit my shed. Small light stone. I thought someone threw it at first. No one around. Upon examination Small light stone. A little investigating led me to a possible condrite id. ???
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