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  1. Ok.... I did it ! I busted into them. I lost something when I did that. They used to feel special to me, now they don't. But, anyways. . here they are. I didn't bother to crack the huge one, cause I seen a pattern going on. I'll just keep the big one sitting in my garden. Rider
  2. Okay, Thanks everyone ! I'll let y'all know what the findings are. This will be interesting Rider
  3. Yes Weaver, OIL, and lots of it up there, and here as well, in Alberta. It seeps out of the ground in some places around here. I must say, that is a lot of information that you posted. That must of kept you busy for a while ? Or did you know all about that already ? I was almost expecting to see your name in the Acknowledgements & References. lol... just kidding. Thanks for all the time you spent on this. I have a few more rocks from up there. I think they're all concretions. I want to get into them, but not sure how to go about that, what to use. I'm hoping the biggest on is a Geo,
  4. Hi Everyone, These were found at Norman Wells, Northwest Territories, Canada. There's 3 pieces ( cause I broke one :( ) and have a combined weight of 479 grams, just over a pound. Not magnetic, but I'll be honest.. I'm using a fridge magnet. I bought some N52 magnets from e-bay, just waiting for them to get here. The toilet tank test didn't leave a mark, well.. I think I put a crevasse in the ceramic, oops. It has something running through it. Any ideas ? I hope the pictures are okay. I'm just using my IPhone camera. Thanks for any and all information. Rider
  5. Thank You Haderly. Muchly Appreciated. Rider
  6. Happy Birthday and Congratulations on your retirement !! I'm sure that Nugget is better than a gold watch for retiring. Have fun Rider
  7. Well, how about this one. Would those little white lines and dots be some sort of critters from days past ? It weighs 26 grams. Bigger than a quarter. Not magnetic. The black part is very smooth until your finger slides over the white parts, then it feels kind of like sand paper. My fingernail does nothing to all of the rock. What do y'all think ? Thanks again Rider
  8. Yep.... SNOW... the 4 letter word. Here's proof.... South side of our yard. Brrrrr...
  9. Hi Everyone, This one I found in Newfoundland, Canada. It weighs 27 grams. It's approx. 2" X 1 1/4" and about 3/4" thick at it's widest point. It is not magnetic. I did the TTT ( Toilet Tank Test ) and no streak was to be had. It's as hard as, ..well, Rock. lol I'm leaning towards fossil but have absolutely no idea of what. Any ideas ? Any and all info graciously appreciated. Thanks Rider (btw.. It's been snowing here for 2 days now ! )
  10. Looks more like a Deer to me. Nice rock. Rider
  11. Scooters are for Men who want to ride Motorcycles, but perfer to feel the Wind on their Vajaja ;)

  12. Really glad to hear that your feeling better. Now all you have to do is maintain it. Rider
  13. Hi Rick, So sorry to hear about your health problems. I just went through the same thing. Type 1 Diabetes I now have. My Pancreas had enough and quit. I take a Novo-Rapid shot every time I decide to eat something, then at night, I have to take a shot of Lantus to keep my sugar levels steady while I sleep. I thought it was something I did wrong, or wasn't eating health enough, but... not the case at all. It's no one's fault or what you ate or didn't eat. It just happens to some people. It's more likely to happen to you if you have family members that have diabetes. Hopefully,
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