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  1. Sailorinaz

    Drywasher for Sale

    Sold, Thanks!
  2. Sailorinaz

    Drywasher for Sale

    Blower type Dry Washer manufactured by ProGold Prospecting. 21lbs. Good condition. $200. Located in Surprise, AZ
  3. Sailorinaz

    Peacock Ore?

    I am trying to find out more, and also convince him to let me go to the site since he is a hiker and not a prospector. He wrote Fwd: Yes there is a lot of quartz around where I found it and actually it's like a pretty thick vein and I got some more now I think they could be gold nuggets and they're clean.
  4. Sailorinaz

    Peacock Ore?

    The finder said he was out for a hike and fell through a crust in the ground exposing a large amount of the stuff.
  5. Sailorinaz

    Peacock Ore?

    I believe this is Peacock Ore. Found in AZ. Sounds off as gold with a Falcon.
  6. Sailorinaz

    Couple little guys

    Very nice!
  7. Sailorinaz

    This weekend's gold

    Very nice!
  8. Sailorinaz

    GB2 Gold Today

    Excellent! Nice looking wash.
  9. Sailorinaz


    Awesome! Roughly how many hours of detecting?
  10. Sailorinaz

    5 Pound Nugget from Butte Foothills