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  1. So what kind of rock is this. It is VERY magnetic. It has tested positive for a nickel testing kit. However it failed with just the plain cleaner however after I used toilet bowl cleaner to deoxidize the medal. Interestingly it tested positive intersting rock. Likes to hang from magnets and spin around in circles until it falls. The first photo is a photo after I cleaned it. However it turned black again shortly after. Here is the photo before cleaning. It is one of many similar I found in the same area. Small broken pieces. Thanks for all who offer help. I have found many similar pieces but they haven't been easy to clean off.
  2. But I don't live in the area of a volcano? Thats why it's so weird. Are there volcano's in NewYork if there are I think we have a problem xD
  3. can be moved by the magnet but It does not stick. The silver is a scratch test. It is metal underneath.
  4. I'm to afraid to try and remove it. It could be just the shell and siphon of one. I go fishing all the time and it isn't uncommon to see only a top half with some flesh.
  5. septarian. Funny you say that I was thinking it looked like an egg of some sort. The way it has the scale like things on this.
  6. Found this rock or whatever it is in one piece literally crumbled shortly after I picked it up. Very unusual dragon scaled pattern whatever it is.
  7. New York. Actually. The streak is metal but it's non magnetic. Strange lil rock.
  8. http://www.nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/index.php?showtopic=27614#entry243528 (What kinda rock is this?) Looks like it's a lizard scaled egg. It's not a meteor but its FREAKY looking.
  9. I just can't tell its a very.... how do I say this. STRANGE looking rock. I Have never seen one like it. Just very strange almost looks like it has lizard scales on it. The rock was extremely delicate and literally was cracked. It literally broke into 2 solid pieces in my hands. Both pieces are saved. it does not react to magnets. It hasn't yet had a scratch test done either because its so delicate. I mean if it's gonna crack in 2 when you just pick it up.
  10. For a rock to stick to a fridge depends on the fridge depends on how magnetic the rock is. These are magnetic but not extreme magnetic. Ive seen rocks more magnetic then these. But they stick a bit. I never tried the fridge thing. xD
  11. Yeah they are meteorites they tested positive for nickel but only after I fixed the solution they stick to magnets. Thanks for all the help but I am sure they are indeed from another world now.
  12. They are magnetic but the tiny one required a 16 lb magnet to lift. hardly strong magnetic but ONE can hang from magnet the others They can be dragged around by the magnets along the table the small piece can be lifted the large pieces can only be "Pulled" so thats one test passed for them being magnetic. The large yellow rock is NOT magnetic. so I removed that from any test. The rest are magnetic. ALL of them. So I guess they are metal not only rocky.
  13. I'm still convinced a few here are. I still have to see. Some are very much like the one I bought when LOOKED at up close.
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