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  1. So sad. He taught me how to meteorite hunt.
  2. Fortunately in Morocco the meteorite belongs to the finder and can be taken out of the country back home. BUT thank you for the words of advice. They are not taken lightly.
  3. We are newbie meteorite hunters - only been out to Gold Basin about 6 times. We are heading out on a tour to Morocco. Have several free afternoons. Sahara is calling my name!!! Can't take detectors, anyway everybody seems to use a magnet stick. We can find sticks there or take folding canes and can take a few neodymium magnets in the suitcase. How can we attach them to the sticks/canes???? Is tape OK??? or does that reduce the magnetic pull? Thanks in advance. If we get anything - will post!
  4. Thank you. I will post what we get!! I'm thinking positively!! Actually it doesn't really matter if we find anything or not because I just love being out in the desert and hunting!
  5. Hey Fred - it's Sue! Thank you to you and Frank C for saving me a big OOOOOOPS!!
  6. The wire is attached to the coil with a flexible piece and it looks like a hex nut attached to another hex nut. Can I unscrew these? This is an older detector - actually bought it from Kaimi Stan and certainly would not want to damage it. It probably has never been disconnected there. Thank.
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