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  1. Took me a while to get around to getting the pic uploaded and ready to share... This was basically two full 5 gallon buckets worth of screened gravel. I was surprised. Sample pans and sometimes whole days of sluicing from new holes yields nothing. But carefully picking where to dig, and getting deep enough, gave up stuff like this. Bedrock is shallow but, its such hard digging it would take at least a few days of hard work to get down to it and I've not made it this last trip out but I tried. For there to be such nice colors, there's gotta be even nicer stuff there, if not harder to get down to.
  2. I know you guys been waiting some time for an update on this... I have actually staked the claim... I am about to record and file it all... And as promised I will post pics of the gold soon... I only got 5 colors in the first clean up... But... When you have a nice picker or two making up those 5 colors, yeah, that's when I decided I better get the notices up and the monuments taken care of. In my area, I have never found anything larger than flour or flake. And northern Idaho is a much different beast to prospect than eastern Washington. You can sample pan anywhere you want on my claim and not find any gold in the pan. I've tried continually. It is only after I am down a foot or two or three and usually under massive rocks piled upon each other, that I get some real gold. I guess I was spoiled by Washington having lots of flood gold at the surface easy to skim off the bars and banks. But I will gladly take the fewer but much larger colors I am finding. It is nice to not need millions of colors to the ounce for a change Thanks for all of your help, and I will keep you... pardon the pun, posted :P
  3. Well it all makes sense, essentially I would be "contract" labor for myself.. And if I figure in the mileage then yeah that puts a big dent in it too :P So filling potholes in with the tailings from my classifier would count? I could do my assessment work while I mine I guess main thing is if they ask what exactly I did, I can point to it and say this this and this... Sounds like I am ready to go. Thanks again!
  4. Well.. My concern is, yes it is a hot area. And this is a claim I almost bought in the past but thought it's worth waiting a few years to watch it go abandoned so I can relocate it. My patience has paid off and even if I get nailed for 2 years of fees, it's worth the peace of mind knowing no one is going to beat me to the recorder's office. I don't like giving Odumbo the extra money, but, I know anyone who might be after this ground too is going to want to save the $150 or so and wait til after the first. I could stake the claim, and post date a location notice to september first, but, anyone finding it would realize it's not valid until the first and all they would have to do is fill out their own forms and I've done all the work for them. I would go into details about the claim and why It is at the top of my list to make sure I get, but, if I make it there as planned this week I will take pictures of what I find and post them here I will tell you the first time I was at the site, I went upstream of the existing claim but I wanted to see if the open ground up from it was any good... There was lots of flour just in the top soil... I mean, lots of it, enough to make me drool. And normally we don't run topsoil and normally it is crappy overburden. But I sampled everything I could get my hands on. I was even crushing pieces of quarts and panning them out. But mostly, I know the gravel on the claim I want is likely in large part put down by the river it dumps into, i mean im almost at the mouth of the stream and go back long enough I can see how rich gravels would have accumulated during a thousand or ten thousand year flood. And yes, because it is on the fringe of what is considered the rich region, it has been overlooked... But, a big outfit started staking up tons of ground just a few miles away, dunno if they kept their claims or not, but if they get the idea to expand I'd be doomed. So, there you have it. If I can just record and pay for 2014 the full fee, and have that count as my first year of owning the claim so tht the second year, 2015 would qulify for the miners waiver, then I will be ecstatic. SO,... IF I file before Sept 1st then I can I just pay the location years fees and then after sept 1st if I file the small miner waiver I'd just owe the $10 and would I be filing an intent to hold or would the assessment work be doable and count if I were to do it right after the first and I could just file the affidavit of assessment work? And how do you figure wht your work is worth, do you say well, I spent 10 hours working on improving the claim and at $10 an hour thats $100? Basically, I just wanted to be clear on what I actually will be oweing so no one gets their nose out of joint and my claim is invalid for not paying the proper amounts :P The paperwork is all ready to go, I just got to get there and put up the new monuments as per state code and record the documents. And make sure the boundary is clearly marked of course. I appreciate all the insight help and advice even if youve been asked a million times in the past by people.. I've read every document I can get my hands on, but this is a quest to make sure I am not overlooking anything and that no one else overlooked anything either. The government is not the easiest thing in the world to coexist with :P
  5. I am just wanting to make sure I understand properly. I know a lot of you deal with mining claims on a daily basis or what seems like a daily basis... This is the first claim I will be locating and filing and I want to make sure I am not overlooking something. If I locate a claim say, in the next few days, then when I pay fees to the BLM I would have to pay for the year the claim was located on even though it's almost at the end of the assessment year, AND I would still have to pay for the next year on or before the september deadline, correct? I could wait til after september 1st to locate my claim, but I really would rather it not run the risk of being claimed by someone else before I could get to it. And I would like to have a good portion of this summer and fall to be able to work it. I would assume the standard practice is to wait until after september 1st to file a new claim to save on fees? I'd rather not wait though, I don't know how many people have the same Idea I do :P And is it worth bothering with a small miner's waiver? I mean I know what it saves, but, in all honesty, I wouldn't be saving anything if I had to make a trip to the claim to do assessment work and I like to keep things simple, and seems just paying the fees is simple. I am in Idaho, and know that I have to record the location notice, and affidavit of locators, as well as a map of the claim. And I take Idaho Code 47-606 to mean that I would have to record an affidavit with the county stating I paid my assessment fees to the BLM each year, correct? And I presume the BLM just wants copies of everything I recorded with the county, right? Yeah wouldn't want to forget their money... Just want to make sure I have everything sorted out and that I am not missing anything. The monuments and boundaries will be the easy part. I appreciate all the help you guys can give. I am trying to avoid screwing this up and seemed best to ask first.
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