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  1. Harshad,

    You may or may not get a reply to your question, this topic is 5 to 7 years old, the reply you quoted is 7 years old, however that member is still active on the forum but it has been about 3 months since he visited the forum.

    can we send this query to his email if you have it ??

  2. Hi Guys:

    If anyone is serious about getting the simplicity gold refining system from Shorinternational- I can put you in touch with someone that can tell you how to make the unit for $300.00. Not only that - you won't have to pay the ridiculous prices for the common chemicals used in it.

    Send a pm if interested...


    hey ! i want to buy this simplicity gold refining system from Shorinternational- pls guide how i can get it cheaper. thank you- harshad dantale

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