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    If I'm holding gold in my hand 'up in the air' in front of my detector... is it then only in the air and NOT in my hand?

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  1. Morristown area, which wash is likely to produce more or bigger nugs?
  2. bsumbdy, regarding your ATX Can you ground balance over hot rocks and tune them out without having to reground balance after passing over the same hot rock?
  3. Earth is like a fresh baked cake, it takes a while to cool. Surrounded by a warm blaket of air constantly heated by the sun makes a great insulation.
  4. All the meteors, dust, and everything else falling to earth from way out is not actually building earths size. Picture a glass half full of water and ice floating on top. As you add more ice the original level stays the same as it sinks. All that material is making the continents sink further down into the moltent rock below. Thats why we're getting all the vulcanic activity. Hawain islands, as an example, is a result of all that material falling from space. It's getting squeezed back to the surface.
  5. Hey... wait a minute. I thought you dissagreed with scientists that the continents split apart.
  6. To AZNuggetBob, WOW... I like the fact that you think out of the box. With that said, gold is where you find it and often it's found where it should'nt be so I would bet that I would be more successful at finding the stuff if I went prospecting with you.
  7. Yes, I would imagine that Australia soil has no relationship to AZ soil being the two continents were never conected. But which soil is more mineralized? I know that AZ soil is not the same everywhere in AZ, and Ausy soil is not the same everywhere Australia.
  8. Has anyone here done gold detecting in Australia? Was wondering how the mineralization in Australia compares to 'some' of AZ's mineralization. I reason that Australia has hot ground hence the PI detector use there. I said 'some' of AZ soil because I use a GB2 and find 'some' areas to have a lot more positive and negative hot rocks. Some hot rocks make an obvious 'boing boing' sound while the other type give a distinctive 'zip zip' sound 'not' unlike gold or iron. Too bad the 'zip zip' rocks are under the surface as well as on the top making VLF detectors a pain in the arse. I would rather dig trash rather than the addition of hot rocks. Will a PI detector ignore all hot rocks or just 'some' of them? And how does Australia soil and rocks compare to AZ soil and rocks?
  9. I have $2500 budget for a new ATX but would like to spend less if possible for a used GPX that would give the ATX a run for its money in performance in hot and cold rock enviroments here in AZ. Which GPX would be an equivalent to the ATX when it comes to AZ soil and rocks? Appreciate any and all comments!
  10. Never mind mike... after the beer wore off I figured it out. Didn't like my remark regarding your favorite saying? Sorry If your feelings were hurt.
  11. What facts... Mike? What the heck are you talking about? Can anyone clue me in to what Mike is talking about?
  12. Mike Furness has'nt had any luck with that yet... as he is fond of saying so.
  13. If you could only have one gold detector which one would it be and why?
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