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  1. From the album: Gear list

    This is the 1st setup (we have taken it down and setup again at new site) of the hard rock mill. It current capacity is 250lbs per hour. It takes about 8 hours to run a ton. I believe the table and jaw crusher/roller mill will do about 1tph. The bottle neck in the system is the impact mill. Will upgrade on a later mill version. We just need to add a mini conveyor to transfer material from the jaw crusher/roller discharge to the auger feed bin and a larger conveyor to feed the jaw crusher. That will save someones back.... mine; and complete the system until adding a 10x14 jaw crusher to feed the 6x4 jaw/roller mill.
  2. I appreciate the feedback Fred. So Ill make sure they work correctly before buying. A deal on a GP3000 came up for $1200, I may jump on that over the $1700 GP3500. I read the main difference between the 2 is the manual frequency tuning (not a major concern for the area) and the button that was added to the handle to allow easy switching between the manual and automatic ground balance modes. I used to have a Fisher Gold bug 2 and I loved the manual ground balance so the Gp3500 handle button (toggle switch sounds more appropriate) seems overrated. Regards, Chadron
  3. Hey Jim, I hear you are the expert on the area and topic. Out of the following detectors, which is the best for the area around the Rands Mountains in Kern county. Minelab SD2200 (d or v2), Minelab GP3500. These are the models I have found available in the price range I can afford. Based on online reading, I believe the GP is the better for various reasons but it also costs 2x the SD models. Let me know and thank you. Maybe we can meet up one day when it gets cooler out. We were at our claim today (early hours 7am-noon) to haul a ton but the roads were washed out so bad we only ended up getting a 1/4 ton before the heat became too much! We (wife and self) live in Cal City but may be moving to Johannesburg in October. We have 2 historic load claims in the Rands Mountains and a small mill setup including a 4x6 jaw crusher with roller mill, impact mill and sluice shaker table. I've been saving up for a larger 10x15 jaw crusher but have considered getting a metal detector instead to change up the hauling and milling. Please share your thoughts. Thank you, Chadron
  4. From the album: Gear list

    Yes its a chain flail. Dont have to change the chains very often because the post roller mill does a decent job reducing the ore to 50-100 mesh. But in the future may change the chains to plated hammers for better fault tolerance.
  5. From the album: Gear list

    Gold recovered from our lode site near randsburg. About 12.5 grams, 19-21k
  6. From the album: Gear list

    After the jaw crusher, we further reduce the material in the impact mill. Final output 200-300 mesh
  7. From the album: Gear list

    After crushing the material goes through the water table. Use deel V mat. It shakes from front to back; allowing the heavies to settle while the light material shakes and washes.
  8. From the album: Gear list

    This is our main crusher we use
  9. What about Ezebreak micro blasters? http://www.atlasminingandmanufacturing.com/micro_blaster.php The vendor page says you dont need special permiting to use them. If that's the case, are they an affordable replacement to larger explosives; for the small miner?
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