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  1. looking for high rollers who want to find lost treasure,,back in 1969 my folks were hunting the lost morman gold in arizona,and we found the graves a mass grave of the morman wagon train,well im sure you know the story ,,when we were hunting we found a small canyon and in the front there was a huge boulder that had a carving of a man on a bed with a man standing at the head of the bed and a dog or wolf at the foot,the man on the bed had a box on his chest,then there was under this about 8 or 9 bows on a line pointing back into the canyon,so we went on into the canyon,and found the same picture ,on the left side pointing ahead,so on we went.then we a cleft on the right side,inside there was the picture and arrow pointing in side,i went in and in the back i started to dig,i went thruogh sand and then a crystal looking sand,and found a caren,i then pulled some rocks aside,and dug up a human looking leg bone,,he was there now just get to the box,my folks got me out,they knew that the spanish woul rig booby traps,and the canyon could have fallen on my head.we went back the next year,the front boulder was gone,but we went back all was still there and the cleft,but they were after the morman gold and not the strange box on the mans chest???a spanish mine or stashed gold with a dead slave to guard the treasure,i think i could find it again,we would have to mount an expadition to recover this find,,,contact me here if you want the fame of uncovering this find....
  2. what happened john ,like i stated ,lets write it up,and we will go recover the ingots,im just keeping my options open untell we meet,and geter going its up to you,,ingot joe
  3. yes its in a 1mile area about 15feet wide seach area,the state dont know,,and wont know
  4. no sir im not spam,if i gave where when and how then you would have it,,i got this info from a man who was working at the location when this happened,he was very old,and not long here,,he stated they never found the safe,and that it was still missing,this is not just a story,,,,
  5. thank you el dorado theres and gold bar for you,,when we get it!!!
  6. I need comitment to this project,,,we will get permits if needed,i need a team,,,,dedcated to the final goal,your being a stumbing block,not not a willing member
  7. your no help,,,no permit needed,lost in the 1900s after a flood,,,,who is realy willing to get rich???? we will cross,any stumbling blocks we come across,this is worth millions,who has got the balls to proceed,and not be negative???
  8. we dont need a digging permit,this safe has been in the water for over 100 years,we should be able to smash through the rust
  9. i need to find prospecting buddy or 2,with metal detectors,and equipment to dig up a lost safe full of gold bullion,worth millions,they should be from redding ca.,but you in for travel come on down,,,call me joe,,,,5306053615 joellewellyn@yahoo.com
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