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  1. don't forget the reclamation bond. if the papers for the bond were not submitted with the noi they won't even look at the noi. it's suppose to take 15 days, in my experience it takes 3 months, just for the noi and bonding. if you use water,(on the claim) it takes longer. you may have to file at the state level as well. more red tape, more entities with their hand out wanting their cut of the pie. call them, it's cheaper than the fine. good luck
  2. I would like to see a dry washer run the tails from the drum to see the true recovery rate. with the dirt just sliding on the side of the bucket I don't under stand how it can seperate the gold from the dirt. great topic.
  3. looks good, nice job. can't wait too see the finished product.
  4. if your interested I've got an extra gpx 4000 i'll let go for a reasonable price.pm me for details
  5. I read somewhere that if there's platinum in the gold it will have a soccer ball look too the surface of the gold
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