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  1. Thanks for the answers guys! They were very interesting to read
  2. Colour ranges from gold to purple and some green. I know the colours are sulfides but would you be able to find gold in them? If so, which method would I have to go for?
  3. Oh ok. Thanks very much for letting me know.
  4. Because the observatories here are not well trained. When the ore was sent to a chinese company, We were told the ore has a lower Fe and S than what the report shows.
  5. Every test I have done came out similar to this but I believe they are wrong. Anyway thanks for the information and I think this is peacock ore as the images are closest to matching the photos.
  6. Hi, I have been helping and working for a relative in a mine for over a year. But have had trouble identifying what this mixed mine contains. Ive been suggested vanadium, malachite, antimony, pyrite and so on but dont know which one it really is. I have an analysis report too but someone suggested that this report may be wrong and the Fe, S is lower than what it really is. I wanted to know if this report matches the ore and what the exact name this is. I have a few pictures to show. Thanks very much!
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