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  1. Could youall use an old goldwhiner story here. Lookin to find a new minin camp. Gt.......
  2. your problem is most likley that you are using a torch, you should be smelting with a very hot fire. heres a recipe buy some flux for bullion, use a crucible, and a furnace propane, elec, we just use a mesquite wood fire. you have to remeber smelting is so we can get the purest product to market, one needs to heat for at least 30 minute + 15 just to be sure you are getting things hot enough to remove the crap, having a good store bought flux is best also. heres a pic of a bead ( left in the crucible till cool, and some nuggs we made from pouring hot into water, that pattern on the surface is n
  3. I figured since i dug a hole in solid rock 36 foot deep by hand, i could call the end of the line what i like, and i like the word mundic it has a nice end of the line sound to it. Thanks for pointing out the meaning. Guess i should just stick to mining................................
  4. I used a product called Betanomite, worked well we were sinkin a shaft up above the Mission mine Dale district, got 36 foot before it turned mundic. Some of you may have been up to this hole i call it the Schoolteacher, i think we got a little over a LB nothing like the surface stuff, i wonder if my headframe is still up there? heres a shot of the begining
  5. Need to mention the Gossans and using them to zero in on a potential for mineralizations with values, I know you all are mostly detectorist, do you use these stainings to chase pockets ? i didnt see any mention of these in this thread and it should be at least discussed a little as ways to locate good pocket grounds to dig. GT...........
  6. I don't do much bleeping anymore Bob, kinda leave that for the guys of today I had my bleeper haydays way back. that doesn't mean I don't do it, I will skirt the edges, but ive been bitten by the hard rock bug and theres nothing else that will scratch that itch for me. Except getting down n dirty with my hammer n chisel, I do only hand work no power tools any more, mill my own ore n refine myself. The sulfide veins I try to seek out are the ones paying in silver also, after I get a sizable pile of sulfide ore im going to attempt the whole leaching process, right now im working on my pachuka s
  7. Maybe the oldtimer thinks the same way as I do when I see pyrite in my digs, it usally means no more gold. they didn't have detectors to hit that crystalline stuff hiding in the mix I would bleep it good sample a few more spots if no gold headout, sometimes we tend to find a few good lookin crumbs and end up wasting valuable prospecting time searching because we get all jacked up from the good pieces. sometimes all thats there was a few pieces of rich surface ore, pocket may only have been a few grams I find many like this, sometimes all I will find is a hand full of vein material because that
  8. Birthday rooster tail for you Dave happy B - Day
  9. I have never been to school to be educated in geology, every thing I learned was from digging n chasing veins and studing what the old timers did, don't mean to step on anyones toes here, and all my knowledge is just my opinion from my observations in digging veins. Geo, sample that sucker,thats going to be the only way to tell, if its nots paying on the surface it most likely not paying. Eldorado, i would pour a ingot but that's for the guys finding the big stuff im just a small time pocket miner we don't find very much anymore an it will be played out for us within the next 2 years, we hop
  10. Don't know how to get bigger pics not real good with computer, The contact is where the country rock and vien contact, it has something to do with wall rock and the vein as its cooling? but in my district Dale mining district Calif,i find a lot of my values will be on or near the contact with the country rock, for some reason the juuces get a little hotter in this part of the zone. not all the veins are like this, but I would assume its that way in most areas ? you see this when you run across the cobb piles they look really juicy and you would think they were loaded but when you sample you f
  11. Heres a good example of a real pockety vein I worked it started as one and I ended up working over 100 foot of the vein, it had multiple small pockets were the values are located directly on the contact. the vein was about 6 in wide at widest point but only a thin edge next to the contact was paying it would change from one side to next and pinch to nothing in just a few feet, drove me crazy lots of testing every day. heres a few pics really can see the sructure of the vein and the well defined contact this made it easy to follow, notice the curve the best stuff was right at that point. if yo
  12. Sweet find, I have only once or twice in my lifetimes worth of drywashins that I done had full riffles the best was 2 oz, with 22 nuggs and the rest fines one tray it was ribbon gold I have one piece left, came from 30 buckets spent like 2 weeks trying to find more not even a crumb, seeing your dig brought it all back again thanks for the show. Times of good grounds youll never forget.................... GT,
  13. On my coffee break, trying out the grinding of 3/4 in material, it was a little noisy at first, 1 hour into the grind, just like butta. Hope youall enjoy the site I get a little flakey from time to time im working on my 2nd year of deployment to the gold fields I have managed to stay off the hwy and out of town for 18 months now. going for the 2 year record I think ive only ran into 12 other folks in 2 years. GT......................
  14. Thanks yes im the same Cpt Herb. i hope to score the crusher it will make a nice addition to my mill. I was never in the military I just figured since I had dug a couple holes in solid rock past the 20 foot point I earned the title. I do try to sell rocks on my site but never have sold one yet, I just like to talk mining n hiking on my site mostly and could care less if I ever sell anything, it would be nice, but the mining is more what im about. I will make sure I don't put my site on anything I write in the future, wasn't sure how youall worked that issue, thanks Any time I can assist at h
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