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  1. Hey Rick, Good finds, looks like you may have stumbled upon a little gold in your photo. That ring may be worth a little. Happy hunting up there.
  2. Here are a few of my little guys. Great stuff out there in that AZ dirt.
  3. Just checking to see if anyone will be up around Gold Basin this Friday and wanted to do some beeping out there? I will be coming from Laughlin, not to familiar with the Basin area. Send me a PM if your interested. Thanks, have a good Turkey Day
  4. Well dang! You are the gold magnet, nice yella. The only color I find is that grey stuff. Great job, sounded like you had a nice day out.
  5. Hey Tom, Great score today, maybe we will have to hit that river bottom again. "I missed it by that much"
  6. Ahorton10, There is still water up in the areas, but little to no flow. I was hoping that last rain would give us a little push of water.
  7. Took a drive up in the Black Canyon area to check out the water levels and ran across one of these rare Monsters. I have lived here in AZ since 1977 and have never seen one in the wild. It was my big nugget for the day; I took a photo and let it mousy on down the hill. Really cool to actually see one.
  8. Thanks guys, The next time I'm out there I will try to find an arcade game to go with it. Just a strange coin. Kenn
  9. Went out today and pulled this coin out. Not to sure if it's a coin or a token. It's about the size of a nickel, clad type metal; not heavy. Thought it was weird being out in the AZ desert. Just tells me that other people have been in that area.
  10. Thanks for all the info on coils, hoping to upgrade soon. That little Commander mono coil does a pretty good job, just wanted to get a feel for the other coils from the experts.
  11. Checking out opinions (Pros n Cons) on elliptical mono coils for nugget shooting; mainly depth and quality of sound. I am interested in the Minelab Elliptical 15 x 12 mono vs the coiltek Elliptical Goldstalker. Thanks, Kenn
  12. Thanks everyone, hopefully I left a couple more out there for you.
  13. Just purchased a 4000 a few weeks ago. I've been out and about many of times, trying to find those elusive yellow pieces with the GPX. I was not even sure if I could find them seeing I am deaf in one ear. But after 8-10 trips out I have become a little more familiar with the tones, no expert at all. It is so exciting when you find a nugget no matter what size it is. And when you do; your digging up every little faint sound you can hear. I want to say thanks to Tom and Old Tom for helping me out. Happy Hunting
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