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  1. Anybody tried a 7" Widescan on a Silver uMax by chance
  2. Found my first Silver, a nice shiny Dime in that tiny grass area next to the curb in downtown Canon City, CO today.... I was there on other business and was parked here, went in on a whim and asked, guy said sure dug 34 holes and filled 3 back in at about a foot.... several were through the roots and I spent about 2 hrs covering the curbside and another 20min on the building side. My first Matchbox too..... The best thing might be that square piece folded in half, got it home and found out it's a Colorado 1/5 Cent sales tax Token (Colorado used sales-tax tokens from Sept. 1, 1935,to Feb. 28, 1
  3. I certainly enjoy the mentoring and hope I can do your wisdom justice by learning a few things to pass along..... But as is normally the case you have probably forgotten more than I will ever be able to learn.... I have always had the curiosity to want to know how things work and feel learning something new never gets old, though as I get older it's too easy to forget today, what I learned yesterday if I don't pound it in deeply enough, so if you find yourself repeating things to me it's just an effort for me to remember..... Thanks Reg and Fred
  4. Yessir I am a lucky guy to have Reg around hopefully I can learn something and I would be happy to go over it with the PI always ready to try out another detector I saw this test and had to try it with these 2 machines, my Silver didn't fair too well in fact it couldn't see a coin till the nails were moved out to about the coil diameter (8") but the Vaquero with the stock 9x8 hit quarter, dime and nickel between the boards with the nails even a little closer than the picture shows, can you explain why my Silver did not? Shows why my silver didn't fair so well in that trashy area definitely wou
  5. Got to borrow a Vaquero (from Reg) to check out and it had a 4" coil and the stock coil with it, I went to a well detected old park I have been frequenting to give it a workout... there is a grass area about 30x30 adjacent to the tennis courts that gets used for spectating the many, many matches held there and it's original to the 1906 development of the park itself, but it is uber trashy, I mean multiple hits with every swing of the coil, but I believed it could hold some old coins beneath all the trash and went over it slowly and carefully with my Silver uMax and the stock 8" coil got a few
  6. Reg Thanks for the response.... I do have an electronics background and like to tinker myself... Someone mentioned you can tweak the pot on my Silver to adjust the auto GB some and of course I did this.... spent an hour or so messing with it and got another inch or so in my test garden... got the dimes to come in much better and quarters at a full 8" which it wouldn't do previously... my Buddie's Xcal wasn't picking them up at all except in AM which kind of surprised me for a $1500 machine. So if I take my Silver to the park to make the adjustments where you had said the mineralization is so h
  7. Reg, nice to see you getting out more, and back online... I have only been back to the park once since I last saw you there, that's interesting about our mineralization I had no idea. Sounds like I might need to rethink my next detector.... I've had a couple homes to do, and have been researching the original town site down by the confluence, as well as Ft. Reynolds out in Avondale always looking for those old virgin sites, maybe where you haven't beat me to the punch, if that's possible! Would love to meet up with you one day just to pick your brain, on the history around here and the metal d
  8. I couldn't say how deep it was as I didn't even know what it was till I cleaned it pretty sure it was in the front yard where I only found 3 coins, now I'm gonna go back and finish.... I don't usually look em over till later, dig and pocket move on, repeat, always time to check em out later. the curb and grass edges are high on my list, found a gold band against the curb wasn't sure if it was rebar or what....
  9. Yep guy across the alley allowed me to do his yard, now his next door neighbor says I can do his too, just had to get the ball rolling... 9 Wheats and an Indian.... Guess I just joined the 1800 club.... Silver next hurdle to jump.
  10. He was struggling a bit physically, with his cane and detector, and hasn't been getting out much, but was intending to get out more and get limbered back up. I will pass on your salutations to him when next I see him.... And I got out in front of him for the moment as I'm doing a couple of private homes that he hasn't been to before, as far as I know, lol... Will post my finds as I get them completed, already up 6 wheats so I know the potential is there and that is only the first half of the backyard, saving the front for last.....
  11. I guess I am a very lucky fellow to have him here in my home town...... though it might explain why the nectar is so scarce.... And yes it was a TDI though an older model and it might have been modified... I had a little trouble keeping up with him in that regard, and the other guy had purchased his from Reg, a newer TDI with 2 more controls etc.... I knew I should have been paying better attention! : ) He was more than helpful and was way ahead of me on our local history too, we did exchange info and an agreement to get together sometime, I will be following up for sure and hopefully get an o
  12. Well, well, well It just so happens that one of the gentlemen I was speaking with was none other than Mr. Reg Sniff himself..... he has been scouring that park for 25 yrs and is a wealth of information on detectors..... Small world!
  13. That park was established in 1903 and has been in continuous use since, bumped into a couple of MD'ers in the park the other day and the one gentleman had pulled a lot of silver out over the years, and in fact the other gentleman showed me a Merc he dug the same day I talked to them, it's in there though getting a little sparse.... they were both using White's Pulse machines as well, which I found interesting, as one gentleman left his 3030 sitting in the truck preferring the pulse......
  14. Ever seen such ugly Treasures..... Someone mentioned in another post he had never seen a penny that was unrecognizable, here's a few plus the Quarter in the middle and the Dime that is maybe half it's original size.... After going back through my finds, I found 8, yes eight, 1965 Dimes but not a single '64 or older in all 40-50 Dimes..... amazingly frustrating!
  15. Very nice thank you for the GB info, will keep it in mind as the electronics don't intimidate me, just didn't know what that Pot did or how it was supposed to be properly adjusted....... great to know! Given all that I have learned from the forums where where I have posted this question there was one major factor I had failed to take into account.... The Coil types.... given that I have the Epsilon style on my Silver I think I should be looking at the outlaw as opposed to the Vaq or Tejon, then the two coils I have and the new one with the Outlaw are all interchangeable, so I'll see if I can o
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