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  1. Looks great Sir David. I never saw any other Legal Eagles with flaps,just the ailerons.
  2. Looks great Sir David,love the Pietenpol tail group........
  3. Hey Chrisski, the Roadrunners still have their meetings the 3rd Thursday every month.
  4. Happy Birthday Tom with many more years and nuggets to come your way !
  5. Hey Happy Birthday Dave ! That's a good looking stabilizer ! Have fun...
  6. Looks like a Pietenpol stabilizer except maybe smaller. Good to see you're back at it.
  7. Good outing in the buggy Dave,you got out and got a few dinksters. I hope to get out real soon, and already know that I,m really out of shape from having back issues.
  8. Yup, a real pretty one.........
  9. I was just up there this past Wednesday and there wasn't any,just some mud spots...
  10. Happy Birthday Justin !! May the nuggets be plentiful for you !
  11. Thats great Tom!! You always have good finds after awhile of no finds.. the groud in pics look like its still pretty damp. Great pics.... Dave
  12. Way to go!!!!! Not one but 3 nuggets for your 1st!!! That,s way more exciting then an up town Saturday night !! DAVE
  13. Thank you Cowkiller,it was a very good one!
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