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  1. Hi Unc Ron frank barnett here. alaska must have been fun. i need a map of gold basin send me a pm. the price of the map and the shipping. i will send you the money. e mail genecinda@yahoo.com thanks.
  2. hi Fred i have the 10.5 dd search coil. that is what i use on the beaches. i only live 7miles from lake mich. i do a lot of detecting on the beach. thanks frank.
  3. hi Fred what search head do you think would work best for me for nuggets. it will have to fit my exterra 70. i dont know much about search heads. any help would be good. im looking to buy a keene dry washer.im looking at the 140 with the hvs hi vac system. i can buy it for 1,o5o.oo
  4. hi fred i have 10 of uncle rons maps. i think you are wright i will order one of gold basin. uncle has good maps maybe he will put an x on it for me ha ha. we have minelab exterra 70. now but i might buy a bigger one before our trip. thanks frank.
  5. if bass lake is in southern calif. i can tell you where you might find gold. i was raised in calif. i know where there is gold on a indian res. there should be open land next to it.
  6. hi if i go to gold basin camp on GPAA claims. is there gold barin blm land in the area that can i can get to with a Quad runner to do some nugget hunting.
  7. hi Fred i went to bill and linda's prospecting site. their is a lot of good reading on gold Basin. they do a lot of dry washing their. it might be worth a try. thanks again frank
  8. hi Fred all i want is a place to go camp and detect for nuggets and a little paning. sounds like a place i need to check on. thanks frank.
  9. thank you UNCLE RON some very good reading. i have about 10 of your maps i orderd about 5 years ago. i will keep in touch on the forum. thanks again. frank.
  10. i did mean rye arizona someone named ROD on another site said he has medal detected a lot of nuggets at rye he said go to the old motorsycle grave yard and then go to the west and there were a lot of roads that went into the hills where i might detect for gold. i was in arizona 5 years ago. we camped at the congress group. we were at the lucky linda. we were at little san dimengo and we were at the soldier boy. we desided then that the claims were not the place to find gold. we want hunt gold on BLM next claims where we can run detectors. there should be places where i can find gold without ha
  12. iam planning a trip to medal detect for gold. i think a good place to try may be Rye arizona. does aneyone have any coments on Rye. thanks. frank.
  13. i need a place to metal detect where i might find a nuget or to maybe on blm if where it is open for prospecting. frank
  14. nice looking gold cant wait to get there frank
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