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  1. I found this rock in a sedimentary environment, half-embedded in an eroded plain. it is very heavy at 600 grams. I am wondering if it is: 1) a volcanic rock of sorts, as there was a lot of fully exposed basalt lying around. 2) a Native American hand tool, given the perfection with which it fits in my palm and the smooth surface where a striking area might be. Any help with its diagnosis would be greatly appreciated. MB .
  2. Stewart sounds fun. Haven't been there yet. It was nice to meet some people out there that were so generous with their time, encouragement and information. M-
  3. Greetings. I'm the "Mark" in Chris's story and he told it true. I am VERY grateful for being fortunate enough to meet Chris and his family and have him generously ask me to join them in a more promising area. Needless to say I likely would have been skunked had Chris not steered me to the right spot. As I've been telling everyone, finding that meteorite was one of the most thrilling and rewarding moments of my life and I showed it. Lol. Well met, Chris. Mark
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