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  1. Dont think i will ever use this one, the 6" and 11" are plenty for me. $300 locally Phoenix, AZ or $325 shipped.
  2. awesome find, I have yet to get mine out in the gold fields would you care to share what settings you were running, would much appreciate any knowledge you could share
  3. I sent them a message on it I think it could be fixed with a simple 2 headed push pin rather than the single they have in it. yeah thank god it was just sand to scoop lol I would hate to dig that many pennies in our hardened AZ dirt
  4. shaft play issue, not extreme but may worsen the camera cant pick up how much it moves well, but when you swing it you can feel it, let me know if any of you are experiencing the same
  5. I love the Nox 800... took it out on my first beach trip it handles saltwater and sand no problem dug deep targets all day long, the little purse pendant thing I hit at 6 inches in ankle deep water at the shoreline. rang nice and clean. Machine was stable all the way to 25 near the water, near the parking lots i could use it at 22 stable...Sadly I took my Excalibur II all the way to Cali also and it never left my trunk :( I did however notice there is an issue with at least my connection in the upper shaft area, it is developing a wiggle. hopefully something minelab can address, and yes the cam lock was tight. Not a huge issue but hoping it doesnt get worse. Another note the wireless headphone earcuffs are narrrow by design and they did tend to hurt after a bit, overall comfortable though and they kept my ears warm. Beyond that I have Zero complaints. It performed flawlessly.
  6. welcome to the club im loving my Nox 800, taking her to Cali next weekend
  7. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00AU6G64S/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o06_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  8. I havent we went relic hunting yesterday up in the Bradshaws a few old mining camps, but no nugget shooting, still trying to get used to the Nox. This test was on a friends claim up in Turkey creek.
  9. Very nice darn I want to be at the beach lol
  10. Look what I found today Terry 12-14 is a pretty magic range
  11. Im telling you its not easy making these videos maybe I should just stop and let them wait, while I enjoy learning mine :P lol j/k
  12. I did a little nail test yesterday (5 nails tightly around a silver quarter, very tough) but fully disclosed in video that im still learning and results may vary, a few guys saw the video as i simply ran it in a few default modes Park 1 didnt hit it well, so they got a negative opinion on it due to that one video. I told them dont jump the gun and draw a conclusion of one video of an inexperienced user. That being said I read more and am starting to understand the various settings, I tweaked them and may have some nice results to show you all. After my tweaks I highly recommend the 800 version as you can adjust many other tones and pitches and other stuff to make those hidden targets sing. Im still in my infancy as an owner but I can see the potential now and am completely satisfied with my purchase... maybe I shouldnt hype it though, more goodies for me lol. Gotta use the all the tools Minelab put them there just learn them and you will prosper
  13. Great detector folks I was fortunate to get first round , can confirm its worth the wait. Someone just did a video of it hitting a gold chain easily in salt water, Excalibur and CTX couldnt hit it.. I have all 3 of those now lol so that was bitter sweet to watch. Im seeing more and more people get them now. so it appears they are catching up a bit.
  14. not my video but excellent results https://youtu.be/k8xzHOTxwTg
  15. lol no doubt, ill be ok.. I just cant believe all the negativity out there in all forums im in... and I cant slap them from my desktop :P
  16. Man I sure opened a can of worms with this video lol some extreme minelab fans, paid sponsors, or dealers or whoever sure jumped my case for a statement in this video that was simply my opinion. I stated in the video that the Equinox will definitely not replace the Etrac or CTX, I own a CTX and personally dont see the the variety of tools it has to offer, at least yet.. so the comment was made innocently but they turned it into a lynching pretty much.. Maybe its all the anger they built up waiting months to get theirs I dont know but I was in no way trying to critique the Nox, i love it so far and Im sure after I learn all it has to offer it will be in the top of my collection. Just wanted to clarify this was simply my opinions on it, I never force my opinion on people you take it or leave it, but I try to be honest , sometimes too honest. Bill knows my personality and even cracked a joke about how critical I am at times and to make sure to give it a chance. In all honesty I couldnt find any flaws in the machine. The video was meant to more to show how pleased I was but a few turned it into me attacking it or minelab... I am a very unbiased person. I am hoping to provide a better opinion shortly was just trying to get some info out there quickly for those waiting Currently I feel I got every bit of value out of my money, its a great machine and I already know it will be a keeper for me... CTX will be taking a vacation for now lol
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