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  1. Dont think i will ever use this one, the 6" and 11" are plenty for me. $300 locally Phoenix, AZ or $325 shipped.
  2. awesome find, I have yet to get mine out in the gold fields would you care to share what settings you were running, would much appreciate any knowledge you could share
  3. yep great article i always enjoy any advice Bill cares to share.
  4. I had one and ended up selling it to a friend. It is a great tool for those with the patience that I lack. Super sensitive to those small pieces 300khz on the md-20 Getting it balanced properly can be tricky at times between the plastic ring and the GB and sensitivity themselves. Make sure to keep the probe away from the box when you adjust them. If it signals when probe is moved toward target then its a good (non-ferrous) target, if it signals as it pulls away, it is a bad(ferrous) target.
  5. Garmin Etrex are cheap and work well I mark the claims with mine so I know when Im at the boundaries. I got the Legend HCX version. You can compare them all here. http://www.gpscentral.ca/products/garmin/etrexseriescomparison.htm My Etrex is discontinued but the new ones are probably similar, just too pricey for my budget, watch Ebay for the best deals.
  6. No problem at all, thanks again and Merry X mas to yu.
  7. Another note with most earbuds you have smaller cords that are not as durable. I had a pair in one day and was squatted down digging and someones dog ran up and jumped up on me ripping them from my ears, after they left I put them back in and realized they got shorted out. Just bought them the day prior. Another benefit to both's credit, whichever you choose, they extend your battery life, speaker drains battery faster.
  8. Yeah I dont see where headphones would be too beneficial in park hunting. i have used earbuds as well, saves batteries and the AZ sun will fill your ears full of water with headphones lol
  9. Yeah I have here in AZ, but to really hear the quality responses earphones can't be beat, IMO
  10. Sklybones was very helpful when I got my Minelab XT17000 and offered to send me a video on it, mentioned he also had an old coil also, got a big surprise in the mail today he gave me the old coil for free, what a genorouus gift and a great surprise. Thank you so much for your generosity. Will definitely put it to good use. Some great people on these forums, hopefully I can pay the favor forward in the future. Thanks again and Merry Christmas!
  11. Very cool and unique nuggets!
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