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  1. Ya, it only takes a few idiots to ruin things for everybody else. Happens quite often. I hate being judged on the actions of others.
  2. Gin pole? Lot to settin' one up. Hard to re-locate. Blasting? Very portable. Fun but kind of impracticle. Ya still gotta move the debris. May I suggest? -Tripod- it doesn't weigh a whole lot quite easy to drag around for transport relatively easy to set up and take down 1 1/2" x 10' conduit (3) 3/4" x 6" bolt and nylock nut (1 ea.) 1,500 lb pull come-along (1) and under a hundred bucks Use straps or chains to wrap rock, at an additional cost of course I'm into mine for about $125 including straps/chains. Pull against two legs, inside the the triangle made by the leg feet I can move a 200 to 3
  3. Been talkin' to some old timers and have gotten info on an old military staging RR station, the old school site, and a non existant town with directions to the site of the old store and hotel. Starting to believe that I could spend the rest of my life detecting just these.
  4. You make a great point about filling and hiding the dig site. I've only had the GB for a couple of months and haven't done much detecting yet, but I figured it out right away that I don't want to leave a hazzard behind. I'm going to try to get to the parks dept. this week and find out just what they have to say. I've been scouting parks for possibiities of any action. Some look better than others. I have a handle on an old shool site, late 1800's, that I'm itchin' to detect. I believe the prop is stil on the school dist. roster so I'm thinkin' I may need permission there too..
  5. Great crafsmanship Mr. El Dorado.
  6. The last thing I need is a fine. I'll ask before I go.
  7. Thanks, I will contact city parks dept. and see what they say about the area parks.
  8. New here and to detecting. I have a Gold Bug. I was told it is a good entry level detector. I just read a great thread on propecting vs trespassing. Looks like Sawmill has it together. My followup question is: Is it legal to detect at city parks? You know, around baseball fields, soccor fields, and other recreational areas. They are supposed to be for public use, right? -Geolo-
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