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  1. Desertpilot

    What is this? Meteorite?

    How much are you asking for the rock?
  2. Desertpilot

    google pro overlay

    or try this link http://www.azgs.az.gov/google_docs/Arizona-mrds-fUS04-39.kmz
  3. Desertpilot

    google pro overlay

    You can find the file and others here. https://mrdata.usgs.gov/
  4. Desertpilot

    Whew! 4 Nuggs In 4 Hrs

    Way cool!
  5. Desertpilot

    Garrett AT GOLD - $450

    Get a 2300
  6. Desertpilot

    Arizona mining claims for sale

    woah footprints! nice!
  7. Desertpilot


    Count me in Bill, I plan on friday and saturday night. F350 with camper.
  8. Desertpilot


    Hmmmmm? I wonder too?
  9. Desertpilot


    Obviously only natives on native land can understand.
  10. Desertpilot

    Rock sample from Albania

    Nice Alabama rock!
  11. Desertpilot


    You shouldn’t feed the wildlife.
  12. Desertpilot

    "WELL, ..."WHOW, AND HELLO!!!"

    I know of a place south of Tucson where you can hike way up in the mountains and find many shoes, some of them with carpet covering them.
  13. Desertpilot

    Is this a meteorite?

    Yes.......Nice point, how many magnetic poles does it have?
  14. Desertpilot

    Working on the YOTO

  15. Desertpilot

    Anybody in Tucson?

    Dgd has some nice claims, I’ve found some nice gold on them when I was a member. What area do you mostly detect? There are a few of us from around the Tucson area.
  16. Desertpilot

    Some gold on an ugly quarter

    Always cool to find gold in a new spot.
  17. Desertpilot

    5000 Settings Wickenburg

    Try cancel mode Boulder Dash. Lol
  18. Desertpilot

    Cool Fly Over Today

    Way cool!
  19. Desertpilot

    Hillside fine gold

    I agree with Luke Silence is golden bro.
  20. Desertpilot

    100 year old artifacts?

    Southern Arizona is full of ranches with private land. I’ve been pretty lucky getting permission to detect a few ranches. One had some good arrowheads and gold. Start asking ranch owners, you might be surprised what you can get access to.
  21. Desertpilot

    Heat wave....

    Keep it up Adam you’ll find a meteorite someday. Nice gold though, and I agree it was smokin hot over the weekend.
  22. Desertpilot

    New Tucson member

    Good to see some more folks from southern az.
  23. Desertpilot

    Made it in the magazine!!

    Hope Minelab hooked you up for the endorsement. Cool nugget!
  24. Somebody in a low flying helicopter has already beat ya to the gold down there.
  25. Desertpilot

    Gold is Not Where You Find It

    LOL! Not sure you can call a recreational prospecting supply catalog with a couple articles a magazine? I've learned way more from ICMJ over the years than the other publication.