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  1. No worries, I guess you can take it to a rock shop or maybe a gem/mineral club? When I get stumped I take my stuff to the University of Arizona in Tucson. They have a pretty good mineral collection.
  2. Here is some of my cuprite from AZ. You can see it has a red, grey, or black matrix depending on the location it was found. Some have visible native copper and others don't. All these rocks make my detectors go loco. I live in a area that has large copper deposits so its pretty common to find. Ive also found nugget gold associated with some of these deposits. The gold deposits are epithermal in nature and are on the edges of the larger copper deposits.
  3. Go outside and hit it with a gas torch. The grey part should turn to copper color under flame. At least the cuprite I find does that. The stuff I find is very similar to what you found. When I get back home I’ll post a pic of the cuprite I find.
  4. Cuprite? That looks similar to the cuprite I find with a detector.
  5. I’ve use gorilla glue with my rubber sluice mats.
  6. Nice B-17 ball turret door. That’s a rare find!
  7. Thanks for the info Barry! I will need to read up on the FS travel plan to see if there is a landowner exception? And if there is I should be good then. I’m still really surprised they are closing access of for a property owner as well.
  8. I wrote a email back asking if I maintain the road could I gate it? Multiple LE agencies use the road for border enforcement plus a patented 20ac claim is on the road as well. Thinking of writing the patent owner to let them know they are losing access as well. I also asked to what level they want it reclaimed. Im guessing its to a level greater than they do (post signs, place boulders, and cut tress across the road)?
  9. Just a quick update. Got a email back from the FS. They are saying for the road to be kept open I will need to maintain the road and then decommission the road when complete. Hmmm, that will get expensive really fast.
  10. It’s cool to see that all I’ve read about placer stratification was a waste of time. The nuggets just sit on the surface! I’ll be sure to stop wasting my time digging to bedrock!
  11. Thanks for sharing the story. It’s always cool to hear it straight form the source.
  12. Its been interesting reading this thread. I also believe this country is in trouble but its not the end of the world. Ive spent a ton of time in third world war zones and what always amazed me is I could always get food and basic supplies even in conflict. I've bought chicken from roadside vendors in Iraq, got beef and vegetables from village markets in the mountains of Afghanistan, and had some awesome Bedouin mystery meat being sold from a tent in the Sahara desert. Heck on day three of OIF I was flying over the edge of Baghdad and dudes were out water skiing on the river and didnt give a rip the Marines where coming. People will find a way to cope with adversity that is effecting their life. I think it will be a huge adjustment for all of us on what the new normal will be but I believe we will all find a way to get through it. I think our biggest threat is majority of the country has had it easy for so long it will be hard for some to cope with the adversity this pandemic has presented. I feel the coming few months will be a challenge for the country but once we adjust to the new normal things will get better over time. The other issue I see is people believing the pandemic isnt real or that we are on the back side of the curve. It bummed me out grocery shopping this week, the store was packed but only a couple of us were masked up the rest were acting as if things were back to normal. I've had some conversations with individuals where I live and its amazing the amount of people who still think its all fake news or just another flu. But I have to remind everyone that the reservation that I do some work on is getting hammered and allot of the cases in our state are not being reported due to the lack of widespread testing. Buckle up, the next few months are going to be rough but if we all work together and do our part to stop the spread of covid we will get through this.
  13. Its in AZ and on USFS land. For example my claims are in the Coronado National Forest and on their homepage there is a link to the travel plan. BLM seems to still be lacking on getting everything back on the internet since the web page restructure. I really wish I could have claims to work on BLM land, but the nearest BLM land thats productive is a 2hr drive as apposed to a 15 minute drive I currently have.
  14. Thanks for your reply lipca. I just use hand tools and haul water but its a 1000ft gain in the mile they are closing. I can back pack my gear in but I can no longer haul water for the recirculating sluice. I will explore the POO process further, just seems over kill for pick and shovel ops but if it keeps the road open it may be the only way to keep active on the claim.
  15. Started seeing the roads around my claim posted as closed so I checked the travel management plan and saw the road I use reach my claims is on the list to be closed. If I were to file a NOI and POO that the FS has bugged me about would I still be able to keep access to my claims or would it be a futile jump through hoops only to be told no? Once the closure is completed I would have to walk in a mile to reach my furthest claim. Kinda sucks since I was planning to run heavy equipment at some point.
  16. I agree with you Bob. The reservation I work in is getting hammered and there is no public available info regarding the numbers.
  17. Finally a practical use for a long range locator has been found! Dont tell the iranians that you can find gold with that device, they may stop testing for covid and head for the hills. https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/33042/irans-military-makes-batshit-claim-that-this-stupid-contraption-detects-coronavirus
  18. 2.5 inch is good for AZ washes that rarely see water. I really like the wheels, cool setup.
  19. So what is your goal on the forum Ivigo? Are you trying to sell your basalt to us? You asked for people to give their opinions and they did. These guys have found a ton of meteorites and are experts in identifying space rocks. Shoot, I’m a wannabe meteorite hunter and I can tell it’s basalt. I find magnetic basalt all the time where I live and it makes my detector go loco. Sometimes I wonder if Bedrock Bob cracks a couple beers and creates these posts to watch the thread blow up?
  20. I’m having issues as well with a iPad. No issues with pc though.
  21. Awesome, Thought it would take a good monsoon to get that out. But a dredge works too. If I remember right there should be two more ore cars further up and out of the creek. Was that all flood gold or did you reach bedrock?
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