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  1. Desertpilot

    Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Happy birthday bro.
  2. Desertpilot

    Lost Gold on Travel Channel

    I’ve ran into their dad Ron on occasion in southern AZ and Colorado. He is a pretty good source on history of the superstitions mountains. Would be cool if they did a show on Skeleton Canyon. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skeleton_Canyon lots of stories of stolen silver and gold are told by the locals in that part of the state. But I do have to agree most of the southwestern treasure stories are based on a small thread of truth and the rest is usually made up to sound cool.
  3. Desertpilot

    Primitive Smelting

    Slam some beers and watch this.
  4. Desertpilot

    Primitive Smelting

    I’ve seen a torch taken chacocite and when burned it created visible copper. Seen this at a mine down near Bisbee. I’m not sure how that worked but every piece brought out from underground did that. I agree old school smelting is a lost art on the inter webs. Be careful if your rocks have high zinc content.
  5. Desertpilot

    Finding Nuggets in Lost Basin

    Must be some nice nuggets on rec area.
  6. Awesome score in Franconia.
  7. Desertpilot

    Gold Bug 2 - 550 Dollars

  8. Desertpilot

    New to ME Quad for the outings

    Polaris makes some nice quads, you should be able to get into some cool places on it.
  9. Desertpilot

    Locating meteorites

    Welcome to the forum. I’ve spent time in Corpus and West Texas and all I can suggest is get to know some ranchers. Texas is practically all private land. I’ve always thought searching some ranches surrounding Odessa would be cool.
  10. Desertpilot

    GPAA Working Hard To Acquire New Claims

    Why wait for GPAA? Just go out and stake your own.
  11. Desertpilot

    Before & After

    I agree with Adam, some of my hand stacks are gone after a couple of years.
  12. Desertpilot

    What is this? Meteorite?

    How much are you asking for the rock?
  13. Desertpilot

    google pro overlay

    or try this link http://www.azgs.az.gov/google_docs/Arizona-mrds-fUS04-39.kmz
  14. Desertpilot

    google pro overlay

    You can find the file and others here. https://mrdata.usgs.gov/
  15. Desertpilot

    Whew! 4 Nuggs In 4 Hrs

    Way cool!