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  1. well shoot, Id just go with what Chrisski suggested that would be the cheapest route.
  2. Not sure what your budget is? But we use this radio https://buy.garmin.com/en-US/US/p/533999 at work for back up comms when our service radios cannot hit a repeater. Nice thing is you can get position reports from other users. I've also used a Gotenna tied to a cell phone for comms/position reporting in cell denied areas. https://gotenna.com/ Part of my current job is building and maintaining comms/datalinks in the desert so drop me a PM and I may be able to find a solution for you and Luke.
  3. Dang, That is a really clean 5k.
  4. I agree with bedrock. Paramore crater and the rest of the San Bernardino valley volcanics have Olivine deposits. Makes you wonder how it got to Wilcox lake bed?
  5. Merry Christmas everyone! Hope everyone gets to spend time with family and the new year brings success in the gold field!
  6. Ill throw down on this as well. Its slag..... I live near two historical smelters and the slag is used as railroad ballast down here. It looks just like the rocks posted to include the holes and smooth aerodynamic appearance. There is a operational smelter north of me that that dumps slag every 30 minutes or so and its cool to watch at night especially with NVG's.
  7. Neat, I see the some of the green and black ones down here in southern Arizona gold locations as well. Thanks for sharing.
  8. Tell your “friend” to read up on rockhounding on public lands. Pretty sure what’s posted on eBay is no longer considered collected for personal use.
  9. Clay is right Bagdad. Last one mineral park. Kinda cheating though since I always see these mines from this prospective.
  10. Ok lost even further. If the person is not claiming the agate to be a meteorite then why call it a meteorite?
  11. Bizjet, Id also look into the desert gold diggers. I’ve found some nice gold on their claims when I used to be a member.
  12. I’m lost, I thought agates form inside vesicles and it’s repeated by the experts that meteorites do not have vesicles? Also for agates to form on another planet it would have to have geology similar to Earth and have agates blown off the surface into space by another meteor impact. So I’m having a tough time buying off on meteorite agate.
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