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  1. Arivaca? Was out there yesterday since I couldn’t get anywhere else due to snow.
  2. Looks like the same lead I find. Although the stuff I find is mostly 45-70 but the patina looks the same. I agree with Adam, the silver I’ve always found has always been black to a dark grey.
  3. Or would you consider payment in bedrock?
  4. I'd either sell it whole or cut it into slabs and polish the quartz. Might look cool inside? Probably worth more as a speci.
  5. always cool to see some guijas gold! nice work.
  6. Kevin 

    I had missed visiting the site for a few days.

    Thanks for your efforts in finding Chris. I hope all is well and whatever the case he was not in danger and he returned unharmed. 


  7. I would like to thank everyone for their support and input especially the people who PM’d me and spoke with me on the phone. The information provided was able to aid in reducing the search area. We were able to find Chris but I cannot provide much more information than that at this time.
  8. All, Thanks for your support and PM’s. There has been large effort to look for him the past couple of days using multiple government agencies. The search has combined air, ground, and electronic methods with lots of good people involved in the search. I will post more info when I can. Thanks again to the people who spoke to me on the phone and PM’d me the info was a help. Kevin
  9. All, Tortuga has been missing for two days in southern Arizona. I will be out looking for him along with other Law Enforcement folks today. If anyone here has had recient contact with him and may think you know where he could be please PM me. I will be using a helicopter to search for him so even if it’s somewhere remote or best guess I can cover the ground pretty quick. Thanks Kevin
  10. I’ve ran into their dad Ron on occasion in southern AZ and Colorado. He is a pretty good source on history of the superstitions mountains. Would be cool if they did a show on Skeleton Canyon. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Skeleton_Canyon lots of stories of stolen silver and gold are told by the locals in that part of the state. But I do have to agree most of the southwestern treasure stories are based on a small thread of truth and the rest is usually made up to sound cool.
  11. Slam some beers and watch this.
  12. I’ve seen a torch taken chacocite and when burned it created visible copper. Seen this at a mine down near Bisbee. I’m not sure how that worked but every piece brought out from underground did that. I agree old school smelting is a lost art on the inter webs. Be careful if your rocks have high zinc content.
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