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  1. Chris, after going to the meeting I found out that they have a membership of between 200 and 250 most of the time but it was mentioned that they only get about 30 regular attendees at the meetings. I got the feeling that it's the same folks that do all the work. I'm sure that a lot of folks just join so they have access to the claims. It does appear to be a good group though. I will attend another meeting but the next time I hope there is more talk about prospecting/gold and not so much about club officers/voting. I hope somebody from the club sees this. It was basically a boring meeting but it did give me a chance to meet a lot of folks and get a feeling for what they are all about. Ray
  2. Steel Pan, thanks for that suggestion. I will have to see if I can wade through the bureacratic B.S. I can't usually fathom all the gibberish connected to anything government publishes. Actually, I was wondering, if a person is just out in the desert or the outdoors anywhere and wants to get down and do some digging on the spur of the moment, are the claims generally marked in some obvious way. Or do you have to go searching the area for a marker? I hate to sound so ignorant but I'd also hate to get shot for claim jumping. Ray
  3. Thanks Chris for your kind offer. I'll be in touch with you. I like it up around Randsburg. I haven't been out that way in a lot of years but it is a neat area. I'd sure welcome going with somebody that knows their way around. I guess from what I heard at the meeting they have quite a few claims up in that area. Are you a member of any clubs? How do you know if you are on somebody's claim or not? That is something that has been bothering me. How does a person know if he is on a claim? Ray
  4. It would be nice for all of us newbies to have a glossary of terms too. Or is there one that I missed? As an example what is "tertiary"? Haven't got a clue. Ray
  5. Hey all, just a bit of an update. I attended a meeting Tuesday night with the O.C. 49ers Prospecting Club. Nice group of folks. Very friendly and most welcoming. I look forward to doing some stuff with them. I guess I can attend one outing before I have to cough up any money. They told me that most if not all of their claims are easy access for most vehicles and some are motor home friendly. So, I just wanted to say thanks to you all for putting me onto the club. Ray
  6. Thanks to everybody for your warm welcome. I just googled the 49ers club also and it is just a few minutes from where I live. I am going to try to make the meeting next Tuesday evening. Should be fun. I hope they are all as friendly as you folks here. Thanks again, Ray
  7. I have seen them and thought about one of them. What is required for towing one? I have my little Scion XB set up for towing and it cost me a ton. R
  8. Thanks Shep, great advice. I'll see if I can find that club. Any suggestions on how to contact them? R
  9. I like the idea but at 70 years of age, my wife would never allow it. I like the idea of a quad. I'll have to start collecting cans and bottles.
  10. Thanks Devilishjim, I forgot to say, we live in a mobile home park so I don't have too much room for toys. I like the idea of a trailer behind the motor home. I really do want to get some sort of 4 x 4 but at this time I just can't afford it. Seems that I retired with not enough income. Or is it that I had enough but the government keeps nibbling away at it. I'm hoping to hook up with somebody that has a 4 by though. I'm going to do a lot of reading here and see what others do and what they have. I'll be standing by. R
  11. Hello to all, I wasn't sure where to post this but after reading a bit, I figured this was the spot. I just wanted to say hi and introduce myself. My name is Ray and I live in Orange Co. Ca. I am very interested in the hobby of prospecting/metal detecting but so far haven't done any of it. I did take my detector (Minelab Xterra 70) to the beach and played in the sand but that's as far as I have gone. I found $.35 cents with it though. Anyway, I really want to get out in the dirt and do some digging but I am more or less dependent on other folks because I don't have a suitable vehicle for roaming the desert roads. We do have a motor home but I don't know if it would be advisable to take it where you folks seem to hang out. If there are any others that live in the Huntington Beach area and want to buddy up, please let me know. With the cost of gas I could maybe help out with that expense. Thanks for a great website/forum. I will be hanging out here and doing a lot of reading. I hope to get familiar with all of you and your nicknames. Ray
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