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  1. I wasn't trying to be "all knowing" about why Bob had buried the treasure (Vaq45) I was only attempting to qualify that I have little additional information to add but possibly of interest to those who didn't have a copy of his book. Very simple and interesting man. He wanted to give back to those who share the same passions as he did toward treasure hunting and research. It also sparked a surge in book sales and in a round about way, made him happy as it potentially brought more people into the treasure hunting hobby that he loved. I would enjoy getting together with anyone interested in teaming up to solve the remaining clues. For me, I've only solve the 1st, but in finally achieving success it only serves to wet your appetite for more. Contact me or leave your email and I'd be more than willing to put together thoughts. I work and live in the KC area and as and FYI, spoke to the "trusted witness" as the story points out and he believes what someone else has written in an earlier post.....he has heard 2 of the 4 clues have been solved but the treasure is still secure and undisturbed.
  2. I am the son of "one of the trusted witness" to burying the treasure. He tells me to his knowledge, it is still unsolved. I have, as others have, been able to solve the 1st code. I have a great lead on the 2nd but yet to solve it. When I ask, all I get is a smile and "good luck" but am encouraged. I can remember treasure hunting with Bob Tatham, my dad and brother many years ago as a kid. I am still trying as many are to get it solved. If anyone has positive leads and/or wants to create a group to pool resources, I'd be interested in hearing how to do it. What I can bring to the table is, why the treasure was buried in the first place, what it's buried in (besides the silver chest), the solution to the 1st, what I believe is to be the "key" to the 2nd and why I believe it to be (however it doesn't decode traditionally) and some other conversations I've had with those who know more.I'd like to solve it, even as a team just to settle a 35 year old mystery
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