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    Soon to be wherever gold is to be found!!
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    Love to placer, hard rock prospect, learn how to nugget shoot, and I love being in the mountains!(back country hot springs.)I like to read quality sci-fi and fantasy,listen to alt.rock&classic rock music and watching prospecting and mining shows.If GOD took a steamroller to Idaho, it would be TWICE as big as Texas!!

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  1. Hi everybody; I just bought the Evo coil and am wondering what are good settings for the 5000 in mineralized to heavy mineralized ground. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated!! P.M. me if you don't want to public post. Thanks from GoldBugMinelabNewbie (The Idaho Shooter)
  2. I also think the Black Widows would be best as I also have a hearing loss and I love them. Les Minelab GoldBug Newbie
  3. Doc; Bought your gold screamer a month or so ago and within three weeks I'll be out full time and using your GOLD SCREAMER. Les from Idaho
  4. I wish I could afford the 5000 but I can't, I do have the money but then that wouldn't leave me enough to where I can get out there full time and my patience is worn thin and can't wait any longer so I am going to get the 4500 and find enough Au to upgrade to as soon as I can. Idaho Les
  5. I am pretty sure I'll be there. Les from Idaho
  6. I just want to thank everybody for the good wishes and the offers of getting together which I appreciate more than you know!! In my wanderings I will meet up with many of you and we'll swap tall tales and maybe find some GOLD together!! Les
  7. I plan on following the weather south for winter the north again for spring. Have done lots of research and I also have dredge -highbanker combo for that undetectable gold. LOL
  8. Yes Boulder Dash I am quitting work!! My truck is ready, my trailer is ready, my bank acct. is as ready as my patience is and I am past ready!! No bills to pay, out of debt plus possibly out of my MIND!!!, but I can't wait to get going. Les from Idaho
  9. I am thinking about buying a new 4500 and am wondering how much differences there are from the 5000, the price on the 4500 is hard to beat as I can't afford the 5000 yet. I have a 3500 that I just listed on C.L. for $1500 so I can offset some of the cost. Gave boss 2 weeks notice today and I will be out there full time by the end of Sept. YEAH!! Idaho Les Any input will be muchly appreciated!!
  10. I just bought the 10" & 14" GB2 coils and was wondering which coil is best for looking for lode gold deposits as I am going looking for a lost deposit of specimen gold said to have been found by 2 different parties back in the thirties but wasn't able to find again. I believe I have it narrowed down to a 3 mile stretch of creek. I am looking for the best advantage as that is quite a bit of ground to cover. Thanks for any advice.
  11. Thanks for the tips and info Fred!! The JP video is on the way and my next coil purchase is going to be a 6X8 NF Sadie coil. I am just getting my arsenal in order before I go out full time, filling up my bank acct. so I won't have any worries where my next meal or tank of gas is going to come from.LOL before I start getting on the GOLD!
  12. Hi: I am new to detecting and bought a lightly used GP 3500 that came with only the 11" Commander DD coil. I have since purchased the 18X12 Coiltec Goldstalker mono coil and a 16" Nugget Finder round mono coil and I was wondering what other coils should I get. Thanks for any info you good beepers can give me. Les
  13. Hi all you good nugget shooters out there. I bought a Minelab GP 3500 (all I can afford) and I have bought a Coiltec 18X12 mono coil and a Nugget Finder 16" round mono coil and I was looking for info on other coils that I should look into getting. The 11" dd Commander coil came with the detector. I have a Gold Bug 2 with 3 coils also but I am new to detecting and any help would be appreciated. Looking for your 2 cents.LOL Thanks everyone, Les
  14. Looking for someone in the Boise ID area for a prospecting/nugget shooting partner. I have a Gold Bug 2 and a Minelab 3500 with several coils, I also have a backpack dredge/highbanker and a 4X4 truck and nice camp trailer. Give me a shout!!
  15. Looking for a prospecting/nugget shooting partner in the Boise ID area.

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