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  1. I will also bring paper plates & plastic utensils.
  2. Count me in, I'll be bringing a large tomato, cucumber, red onion salad. Always enjoy your outings.
  3. Add 1 more person, I will make a HUGE tomato, cucumber, red onion salad. I can also bring abig pack of paper plates.
  4. Add one more, I'll bring a tomato, cuke, red onion salad
  5. Lydia here, I will be bringing the Goldbug 2, a Royal drywasher & motor, and a Minelab GPX detector. I'll have a sign in my pickup window, see you all there
  6. I have both machines and am still learning. I will be at the Gold Basin get together in November. I would like to get some pointers on either unit, maybe a few of you will be able to spend a little time showing me some tricks to be more successful
  7. I will be there, caravaning with John & Donna Puisis. Looking forward to finding my first nugget or a meteorite.
  8. A big thank you to all who took the time to help me with this. I went to REI today and saw what they had available & got a short lesson. So now I'll sit with the cpu & do some comparisons. Looking forward to getting one & trying it out when we vaca to AZ next month. If any of you are at Quartzsite for the big annual hunt - look for me so I can thank you personally. I'll be running around with 2 Boston Terriers. Everyone have a safe Happy New Year. Thanks again & happy hunting. Lydia
  9. Thanks for the quick response, what model do you use?
  10. I am thinking about getting a GPS to use while out prospecting, especially to identify the GPAA claims. Anyone out there have any suggestions as to brand, performance etc. Thanks, Lydia
  11. We won't e able to make it in Nov, are you doing something in Jan or Feb, similar to the LSD outing last year?
  12. Stan, Bought the dry washer from you at the LSD outing. Did a bit of dry washing in Quartzsit & found some color. Does your friend have the back pack frame for Vac-Pak? Thanks, Art's gold
  13. Art &I will be there. I want to get tips on meteorite hunting etc.
  14. We will be coming out your way next month and are planning to be at the outing the weekend of 2/8. then down to Quartzsite for the big hunt & gold show. I will be using the Goldbug Pro and would like to know what areas are available for meteorite hunting. Thanks in advance to all who answer.
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