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  1. nope when I found that vide you could clearly match the two, I looked at others last week never saw this one, it took some digging.. to get video proof that I thought matched. Once I saw this I knew bob/mike was right !00% its interesting this process makes copper magnetic..and does a fine job of making nuggets/odd looking metal hunks too with interesting characteristics and shape designs. I might use it as nice base for my authentic Roman coins.. looks pretty cool with them on it.
  2. ya they went from 20$ down to 5$ I wont clean the next finds like this I just wanted to see what they looked like below... wow.. what a cool story you have. . so the kids lost 1000s of the coins in the park and you found them? that's what I think happened here the kids were playing with some of Dad's collection and lost 2 of them.
  3. thanks al really appreciate any information, joe dirt led me to this story regardless if my object is copper slag, it would be interesting to see this controversial "pseudo meteorite" up close and in color with some pics? Also am wondering if it was magnetic at all... thanks again for any information you can provide.
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NQEb5h2uC_4 at 2:23 it gets interesting - yup, there's joe's cousin getting knocked into the dirt. joe dirt. Come to think of it there is probably a ground nearby for the swingsets/junglebars, they are very close to where I found this. It even has the small hole at top similar to my chunk..case closed for me, still interesting looking magnetic bit of copper.alloy ! thanks for all your help esp you Bob pointing me in the right direction to get to the bottom of it Still want to find out about Eaton Meteorite regardless! thanks
  5. wow that is some big lead there... never thought about lead at the beach... I live in SOCAL and was interested in doing some beach work, what is the best thing you have ever found while checking the beaches?
  6. thanks flak, ya I got tons of of people saying I was full of BS for posting about it on a detector forum that I just joind, .but I don't care! I KNOW I found them just as I said and where I said! hahahah I just hope there are more I love the scanner idea beeper bob gave me, so :whenever I have a cool coin find, I will use the scanner from now on....it did a nice job its neat to learn cool tricks like this.. Joining this place has already paid off!
  7. Cleaned the crust off and this is what is under it. Another huge question to be answered about this thing is why is it magnetic? The crust appeared to be ironlike, with rust spots all black in color like slag, but the interior, is mostly made up of a copper/brass colored metal from what I can tell, and seems to be a bit lighter in color than copper fitting in person. when compared to penny or copper fitting this really looks like brass or something. In person it looks like some copper/gold nugget. it really feels like lead in the hand so who knows what is in it. Im sure they would pro
  8. like a box of chocolate! yer.. so true should have seen my jewelers friend's face, I told him what I found the night before (the joe dirt) so he came along that day, doubting I would find anything pretty much razzin me a bit.. as any skeptic would and that was cool....friendly banter back and forth... He knew I was new to the hobby, and coins, and unlike me, he knew what they were as I found them, the look on his face... was just wagging his head back and forth back and forth lo. These might be worth 20$ only but that image will be seared in my memory forever... and was priceless to me.. h
  9. not too bad? first attempt using scanner.. This is the Constantius II face, have posted to the coins forum will add any new pictures there... thanks again for this tip, I could probably scan Joe too,,, ahhaha
  10. Hi everyone thought the forum might like to see my first confirmed finds... I found these two Copper/Bronze AD 360 coins about 3 feet apart at a relic site here in Los Angeles that was known to have miners/prospectors/treasure hunters regularly staying there, so I went to check it out. And found these my first visit, within minutes, I have been back for many hours to same spot, but have found nothing since... There used to be a very old house there, but it was razed, the owner was a Very Wealthy Industrialist and also was a Mason. I don't know how these coins got there, but Nuns were also
  11. Lol "Rocky Road" bob..... fummy! ITs a blast, I love researching things Ya gota keep going out and digging, cuz you just wont know if you don't go.... Sometimes its just as you said earlier, the real "treasure" is not found in what you actually find, but what you find in the ADVENTURE along the way before and afterwards... this has been my experience with metal detecting in general. for whatever reason something you have to dig for becomes more important to you somehow it has more "worth", Even the small act of passing the hand over the coil finally locating --------- is incredibly fun.
  12. what I find interesting about this story that makes me think its legit fall, is that Foster who saw it fall, said it made a buzzing humming sound, looking at it I can believe that it would have made some sounds as it flew.it might have been elongated due to the melting of the metal on entry and with the tumbling/heating/spinning it expanded outwards so far it almost came apart. Possibly this odd one did not fully separate but cooled just enough to stay together, so instead of two you had one frozen hunk of metal, in the act of becoming two but unable due to cooling. If it had not cooled a
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