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  1. Frank c, Tracker Off-road is the new name for Arctic Cat. They are being built right here in the USA at the old Arctic Cat plant in Minn. Look up Tracker off-road or Textron which is the parent company on the Internet. They really look impressive, but I still would like to talk to someone that owns one. Out west they are being sold through Bass Pro Shops and Cabellas.
  2. Frank c, I am looking for a side by side. Wife won't ride on the quad, it hurts her back. For $7999.00 ($9000.00) out the door the Tracker 500 will fit my 10x5 trailer and will fit in the bed of our truck if we get a camping trailer. Right now we have a cab over camper.We don't do any real heavy duty off roading.Just from camp to dry washing or detecting spots. Any one with actual Tracker knowledge please chime in. The 800 model is too big,the Honda doesn't have the dump bed I want, the Polaris 500 and 570 models are just too expensive.
  3. I have an old Arctic Cat quad and have no problems with it. I would like to hear from someone that has one of the new Tracker Off-road machines. There warranty is 6 to 12 months longer than all other major makers. For the price ,I am looking for someone to tell their experiences with the new brand. I can find a lot of info about the 800 model on line, but very little about the 500. Thanks Mxt Sniper for your input. Any one else have any thing to say ?
  4. I am looking at buying a Tracker Off-road 500 from Bass Pro. They are being built by the people that bought out Arctic Cat and Bad Boy Buggies. Anyone have any knowledge about these ATV's either good or bad ?
  5. happy birthday and wishing you many more to come.
  6. Au Seeker, thanks for the nod, I had a great day.
  7. On the left side just past the modell 27 it says Kal 7.65 which is equal to .32 ACP
  8. Bill, I may have a group of 3 RV's coming. Can we still get the group camping permit ?
  9. Bill, you sure are lucky, you seem to find a 1936 nickel every time you go out. Way to go on the gold too.
  10. Let's try 12 quarters,32dimes,34nickles,and 90 pennies. Thanks.
  11. Merry Christmas Bill, and to all a good night.
  12. Thanks guys. I just now read this or I would have answered sooner.
  13. Way to go Tom. Wouldn't it be something if this turns out to be one of those zillion dollar mines that you hear about. Did any one else find anything.
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