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  1. I was surveying a property line in the forest once, pounding a 4' stake in the ground. Looked down at my feet and there was a gold coin lying there!! That was strange enough, what was stranger was that it was in a plastic holder?? I was miles from anywhere....
  2. When you start doing this, strap your detectors down!
  3. Neat you found gold.... How about a definition of "massive flade " for me...
  4. Apparently no nugget detecting allowed on State Trust Lands? " The Permittee shall not: disrupt plant and wildlife on, blaze trails across, visit historic and prehistoric archeological sites on, or remove natural products from State Trust Land."
  5. John had good advice... Bury it deeper and listen for the "soft" sound....
  6. Nice photo but you should put it in the vintage photos section.
  7. If you look in the background just above his bucket/can, sure looks like running water?
  8. He has a nice stream there. I wonder why no sluice?
  9. If you notice, they are classifying that material.......
  10. "I probably can't fulfill the requirements of the maintenance fee waiver, so I will pay." You mean next year you won't be able to do assessment work?
  11. Looks good! I hope it was on non-op.....
  12. Homefire... " will remain your property as long as you occupy and maintain your claim. " Filing your papers is part of maintaining your claim.... right?
  13. Well, went to go to Google Earth last night..... Shortcut on desktop say "no pathway anymore"! or something to that effect. But, there is an icon for Google Earth Pro! Ok, I click that... it starts to load up and then just sits there. "Google Earth not responding"!! Looks like I'm right where Ron was!!!!
  14. This thread will help explain.... http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/3979-2017-annual-claims-filings/
  15. Just looked in the "layers" and "NEW GOOGLE EARTH" was now checked. Unchecked it and all is fine.
  16. That's not bad Bill.... I was expecting worse. I have a nugget that looks like a miner. Trying to get a pic of it.
  17. Thanks Bill. I'll get to it tonight. Right now I'm on "lighting strike" watch on a "red flag" day!
  18. So, where do you do it? Under "edit profile" or "cover Photo"??
  19. This would be a good buy: http://www.detectorprospector.com/forum/topic/3891-fisher-gold-bug-2-with-6-coil/
  20. All but a couple little bits were found with the GB2 in the you tube found on this page...(If the link works) As Uncle Ron said... GB2 rocks!
  21. Yep, fresh charcoal is just like a hot rock to a GB2.
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