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  1. This was from Steve H. to me: Every Minelab is better than the last, but only a little. 3500 was last and best analog unit before switch to digital back end. 4000 first digital unit and first of ultra stable threshold models As you may be aware, analog parts are not being made.
  2. The GB2 is VERY EASY to operate. Just takes a few minutes to learn how to ground balance it. (how hard is it to pump it up and down and turn a knob at the same time anyhow?) Nothing else really needs adjusting. Have someone show you how to ground balance so you can find those nuggets!
  3. Really, really nice looking gold!! BTW, you have the larger piece marked "troy grams". I don't think grams are troy?
  4. Here in Northern CA, a grey hackle, grey hackle yellow works good.
  5. Well, just forget about those that invited you and didn't follow through. They are not the ones that you want to associate with anyway. You do what makes YOU satisfied.... As for only one responding to your request, I'll bet 80 percent that "viewed", were not even familiar with the area. So, don't blame them. I know I probably viewed 3 time myself and I know nothing about AZ.
  6. H-2 They were small, 2-3 grain size pieces. Came thru with low readings until they were on the surface. I never trust a meter. use as a guide but don't trust it.
  7. I've had gold hit in the 20-30 range too....
  8. Did you check to see what history there was in the area? Gold, silver? Did you check if it was claimed or open for detecting? I thought most of the mining in that area was for silver...
  9. it's not that far from the "wild west"...... Here in northern CA we have to "Pack" just to go out in the hills to prospect. The dope growers actually patrol with AK 47s! You never know when you are going to walk into a grow site. I've done it and have had rifles in my face. 10 feet away! Kind of scary when you find yourself in the middle of a grow .... Feels like you are trespassing on public land..
  10. Ron, Some are still around. I think Glenn McBroom is working at the Live Yankee? the last few years. His parents are still there. You were working placers in Compressor gulch weren't you? I helped survey some areas for drill sites on the Mtn. Laurel, etc. above where you were mining. All of that area is for sale on "The Claimpost" web site. I have a claim on Jackass gulch, below Sawyers Bar, if you remember where that was. Lots of good tailings in that area to detect that are not claimed. wa-au-nut, I sure don't know where the Monson Creek area is?? woodchuck, if you are still around, ask away...... Harry
  11. I know this is an old post but new to me. I lived all my life on the Salmon river... grew up at the Forks of Salmon and still have my parents old house down there. Ron, I probably knew some of the folks that you had working. McBrooms, etc. Enjoy talking about the river.... Harry
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