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  1. Sometime I park downhill or sidehill when I detect.....
  2. No faceplate. You have to take the knobs off and pull it out from the back. A little more than that but that's basically it.. I've had pretty good service with Fisher. As a matter of fact, I have one(GB2) to send in now. Threshold won't work. (but not noisy)
  3. Many years ago I was thinking about joining the GPAA. I called the headquarters to see if they had any claims in my area. I was told I had to join to find out. Was the last time I thought about joining.....
  4. Didn't check n yesterday.... Thanks!
  5. I'll tell you a true story, believe it or not. Not about the Electroscope but about witching. I had a neighbor that wanted me to witch some water for a well. So, I out and witched a few very weak fractures(the area was not known for water). He saw me out there and came over and asked if I had found anything. I told him not much but showed him where they came together. I had marked an "X" on the ground. He looked at it and picked up a small rock that was lying a few inches from my "X". A small wooden peg was driven in the ground under that rock. Unknown to me, he had asked a local woman well known for witching water (probably for the past half century?. She was in her late 80's) to check it out. That was her "spot". She had used a willow, I had used copper rods. He did get a couple of gallons per minute.
  6. Boy, you opened a can of worms! An Electroscope works very similar to a couple of bent copper welding rods. If you can get those to work, the Electroscope will probably work for you. With the rods, I can find buried waterlines and structures(faults) in the ground that carry water. With the Electroscope, I have found many objects that were lost in the leaves. I have followed underground quartz veins only to find them finally come to the surface. Others have witnessed it. No gold yet although I did find a 1906 dime with it once. I know, it doesn't work!
  7. Nice that you can find small gold with those machines. Any gold is good! As for being a flyspeck, even a .3 gram piece is 4.5 grains. Not quite a flyspeck but maybe small for those machines? Never used either one. That .3 gram piece is about $15 today!
  8. May be strange for your area but to me, it looks like an ordinary rock....
  9. https://www.detectorprospector.com/metal-detector-database/
  10. Here in northern California while out prospecting it is not out of the question to walk into cartel grows that have 5000 to 30000 plants in them. I have walked into them numerous times. Not a good feeling even if you are "carrying". Just back out quickly and quietly and hope nothing happens.
  11. should push on in the direction of the coil. It goes on tight.
  12. Read the second post in this topic from last fall..... probably why they are going up. https://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/33048-blm-increases-filing-fees-for-mining-claims/
  13. Bob, any electrician that works for $12 an hour in your town must do it because they want to or, how can I say it nicely, because they don't know any better. All they have to do is drive 10 minutes to the east or 30 minutes to the south and be in the money and benefits.....
  14. Kinda hard to hear it 50 years ago when it happened in 1992... grin
  15. Anyone know who made this crusher? Any information would be helpful. thanks
  16. Sold mine 25 years ago because I never used it....
  17. for some reason all I get on the second link for pictures are x's in a box
  18. I was going to join the GPAA once. Before I did, I called them to see if they had any claims in my area. They told me I would have to join first and then see..... That was enough for me.
  19. And now we know... thank you. I have never seen so many counterfeits... What country(countries) are they coming from?
  20. Is someone making fake coins and this forum is being used to "test" them? Why are so many showing up?
  21. I don't see a problem..... myself, I would keep one hand on the rock so I could feel if it started to move.
  22. Looks like they are going to ruin your lawn.....
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