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  1. LipCa

    Is this a meteorite?

    I think this should be moved to the meteorite category. You might get more useful responses....
  2. LipCa

    "Natural-formed Riffle"

    LowPoint, your handle says it all. doesn't it.... grin? Way to look for those catches. Micro, the North fork is upstream of the Forks of Salmon.
  3. LipCa

    Rocker box pics

    Sure a small scoop in that last pic.
  4. LipCa

    Building a Sluice box?

    I build all my own too, grim1 But, it took me a few years of mining and a few "improved" boxes before I got one that worked good for my material. Probably ran a bit of gold out the box before I learned. 60+ years of experience does help when I build something now....
  5. LipCa

    Building a Sluice box?

    Isn't 11 degrees a little over 2" per foot? I would like to see a picture of your setup. Never saw a 30 foot long operation before. For a "first timer" building a sluice box, I would suggest buying one already made for simplicity. Not going to break the bank. If you want to make your own, go ahead. Check some of the recirculating setups that are sold. They will tell you what pump they come with.
  6. LipCa

    Hunting rifles!

    I have to load non-lead in CA next year for the 243 and probably some 270s. Haven't looked up any info yet but apparently the non-lead will be longer and have to watch the space between bullet and powder..... nice fish btw
  7. LipCa

    Hunting rifles!

    this may sound strange... or maybe not. The 243s, about 7 boxes(140 rounds) have been all reloaded with a Lee hand loader kit.(you remember those? Got it in the 60's) No resizing or trimming other than tapping case. Haven't lost a case yet but, like I said, I keep checking.
  8. LipCa

    Hunting rifles!

    Thanks for the info Bob. When I first noticed those odd cases, my first thought was that they would be 30-06 cases too. But, they were 270 cases.?? Don't have them anymore to look further. I definitely will sort the rest of the cases by manufacture after they are cleaned. I will run a light load thru them and check them. I have been reloading and shooting the same cases through my 243 for years. Probably reloaded them close to 10 times. All through the same gun and same load.. But, I keep checking them.
  9. I don't see any mention of what the outlaws got.... Must have been something special there to warrant a robbery?
  10. LipCa

    Hunting rifles!

    This ought to fit in here...... I have a new Browning A Bolt Medallion in 270 caliber that I've had for about 15 years and never shot. I bought some used brass the other day for reloading. I was sorting through them and kicking out the "non" 270s. Came up with some that had a "bulge" in the neck. Anyone know what was going on with those cases?
  11. LipCa

    Hunting rifles!

    What holidays?
  12. LipCa

    S&W Revolvers

    Going to be tough when I'm gone.... I have three sons....grin They all like guns.
  13. LipCa

    S&W Revolvers

    I have a S & W "pre model 27" 357 mag that my father bought in the 1950's. Used to carry it with me on backpacking trips when I was a youngster.
  14. Maybe this helps? https://www.thegunwriter.com/23992/old-pistol-part-found-colorado-archaeological-dig/
  15. LipCa


    Neat little coins. Good find. I have found 3 of them. two in the early 60's and recently an 1851. All silver
  16. LipCa

    Forums Down... info

    The two forums that Jim Foley has... the Alaska Gold Forum and The New 49ers Forum have gone down permanently. This was beyond his control. He will be working on setting up new forums.
  17. LipCa

    Forums Down... info

    they seem to be back up and running? ok!
  18. The thing is, I think we did have Spanish in the area here. I have seen digging that appear to be much, much older than the 1850's Do you know if the book is online?
  19. We've got them here too.....
  20. LipCa

    Sluicing Question for CA

    Hey Ron, He is only using a sluice box. Not trying to dredge. Good info though.
  21. LipCa

    10" coil Gold Bug II

    You'll get a couple inches more depth with the 10" vs your 6.5" coil( not a 4.5") I have both but use the 6.5" 99.99% of the time.
  22. LipCa

    A couple of Oregon nuggets

    Nice.....!!! Since it's been a couple years since you found those, some have probably grown up and are ready to be picked! Let me know when (grin)
  23. LipCa

    Hunting rifles!

    From what I've found, the Remington 7mm came out in 1962....
  24. LipCa

    Hunting rifles!

    I looked it up. It was made in 1965, not in the 80's