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  1. May be strange for your area but to me, it looks like an ordinary rock....
  2. https://www.detectorprospector.com/metal-detector-database/
  3. Here in northern California while out prospecting it is not out of the question to walk into cartel grows that have 5000 to 30000 plants in them. I have walked into them numerous times. Not a good feeling even if you are "carrying". Just back out quickly and quietly and hope nothing happens.
  4. should push on in the direction of the coil. It goes on tight.
  5. Read the second post in this topic from last fall..... probably why they are going up. https://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/33048-blm-increases-filing-fees-for-mining-claims/
  6. Bob, any electrician that works for $12 an hour in your town must do it because they want to or, how can I say it nicely, because they don't know any better. All they have to do is drive 10 minutes to the east or 30 minutes to the south and be in the money and benefits.....
  7. Kinda hard to hear it 50 years ago when it happened in 1992... grin
  8. Anyone know who made this crusher? Any information would be helpful. thanks
  9. Sold mine 25 years ago because I never used it....
  10. for some reason all I get on the second link for pictures are x's in a box
  11. I was going to join the GPAA once. Before I did, I called them to see if they had any claims in my area. They told me I would have to join first and then see..... That was enough for me.
  12. And now we know... thank you. I have never seen so many counterfeits... What country(countries) are they coming from?
  13. Is someone making fake coins and this forum is being used to "test" them? Why are so many showing up?
  14. I don't see a problem..... myself, I would keep one hand on the rock so I could feel if it started to move.
  15. Looks like they are going to ruin your lawn.....
  16. Nice work.... I don't know where you are located but you might be interested in this..... http://www.geologyin.com/2017/08/california-rainbow-obsidian-is-natural.html
  17. If I didn't already have three......
  18. Nice machine Jim. You must have a machine shop to do it for $200? I have a chipmunk also. Please design me a small roller crusher to follow it (and yours) Grin
  19. I almost hit this one with the coil. It never moved or rattled. Not that it mattered, I was wearing headphones.
  20. Thanks... looks like I'm the "old" guy today.
  21. If it is working correctly, I think everything will still be seen by all but you. ??
  22. Only use quicksilver(mercury) if you are planning on melting it down. Never looks like "gold" after it has mercury on it. Since you seem new to gold, I wouldn't recommend using mercury...... too dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.
  23. I assume you said that because you know the mineralization of the area he hunts in? Where I hunt, I've kept it at max since the early 1990's with 4 different GB 2s. No problems. Theace115, nice little pieces there. On bedrock?
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