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  1. I wish I had a job like you.... My $350 boots last 2 years.. nowhere close to 25 years.
  2. Most lost rings that I have found are spotted before the coil goes over them That detector has too many knobs!!!
  3. With 30 years of detecting in extreme northern California, I have never dug one of those. Watch, I'll dig one tomorrow.......
  4. I certainly wouldn't file a POO for a "pick and shovel" operation. If that is all you are doing, I think the Forest Service is asking for something that is not warranted. You would need to propose more than that for a POO.. For example, needing to bring in a backhoe or excavator to dig and stockpile material. Or, maybe digging a pad to place a water tank? You might end up with a gate on your road and a key to the lock?
  5. I had to file a POO to keep mine open. Never figured on using it . So, after the other roads were closed, I withdrew it.
  6. Sometime I park downhill or sidehill when I detect.....
  7. No faceplate. You have to take the knobs off and pull it out from the back. A little more than that but that's basically it.. I've had pretty good service with Fisher. As a matter of fact, I have one(GB2) to send in now. Threshold won't work. (but not noisy)
  8. Many years ago I was thinking about joining the GPAA. I called the headquarters to see if they had any claims in my area. I was told I had to join to find out. Was the last time I thought about joining.....
  9. Didn't check n yesterday.... Thanks!
  10. I'll tell you a true story, believe it or not. Not about the Electroscope but about witching. I had a neighbor that wanted me to witch some water for a well. So, I out and witched a few very weak fractures(the area was not known for water). He saw me out there and came over and asked if I had found anything. I told him not much but showed him where they came together. I had marked an "X" on the ground. He looked at it and picked up a small rock that was lying a few inches from my "X". A small wooden peg was driven in the ground under that rock. Unknown to me, he had asked a local woman well known for witching water (probably for the past half century?. She was in her late 80's) to check it out. That was her "spot". She had used a willow, I had used copper rods. He did get a couple of gallons per minute.
  11. Boy, you opened a can of worms! An Electroscope works very similar to a couple of bent copper welding rods. If you can get those to work, the Electroscope will probably work for you. With the rods, I can find buried waterlines and structures(faults) in the ground that carry water. With the Electroscope, I have found many objects that were lost in the leaves. I have followed underground quartz veins only to find them finally come to the surface. Others have witnessed it. No gold yet although I did find a 1906 dime with it once. I know, it doesn't work!
  12. Nice that you can find small gold with those machines. Any gold is good! As for being a flyspeck, even a .3 gram piece is 4.5 grains. Not quite a flyspeck but maybe small for those machines? Never used either one. That .3 gram piece is about $15 today!
  13. May be strange for your area but to me, it looks like an ordinary rock....
  14. https://www.detectorprospector.com/metal-detector-database/
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