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  1. LipCa

    Got the rock crusher finished..

    Nice machine Jim. You must have a machine shop to do it for $200? I have a chipmunk also. Please design me a small roller crusher to follow it (and yours) Grin
  2. LipCa

    Snakes and headphones

    I almost hit this one with the coil. It never moved or rattled. Not that it mattered, I was wearing headphones.
  3. LipCa

    Happy Birthday LipCa

    Thanks... looks like I'm the "old" guy today.
  4. LipCa

    Ignored Users Feature???

    If it is working correctly, I think everything will still be seen by all but you. ??
  5. LipCa

    panning cons

    Only use quicksilver(mercury) if you are planning on melting it down. Never looks like "gold" after it has mercury on it. Since you seem new to gold, I wouldn't recommend using mercury...... too dangerous if you don't know what you are doing.
  6. LipCa


    I assume you said that because you know the mineralization of the area he hunts in? Where I hunt, I've kept it at max since the early 1990's with 4 different GB 2s. No problems. Theace115, nice little pieces there. On bedrock?
  7. LipCa

    Compass repair

    Try asking here.... https://www.detectorprospector.com/forums/forum/29-metal-detector-advice-comparisons/ Steve lives in Reno. He might know a place.
  8. You don't have to host.... just pull from your files.
  9. Not sure what I should be seeing? Where are the engravings?
  10. Polish my brass in one of those...
  11. LipCa

    Cowboy coffee

    I carry a jar of Folgers freeze dried in an empty coffee pot. Heat some water, pour a cup and add a teaspoon of coffee. There you go. Also carry a few packs of chocolate mix in the pot incase someone wants that.
  12. As I recalculate from the new info provided, it looks like it could run from $5 per yard to $100 per yard....
  13. Sorry Bedrock, in the same sentence you said ". I hope I can get another half ounce before I collapse". I put that together with "a couple hundred buckets". I thought they went together.... my mistake. You are right on the money at $20 a yard......
  14. you're right Swampstomper..... I figure 400 buckets at $30/yd. (I feel a tick on my neck)