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  1. I heard that last year the mineral withdrawal was up for renewal documentation by some state or federal agency and they missed the deadline which left the area open to claim for a few days until the documents were filed. Several savvy prospectors jumped on the opportunity and staked claims.

    This is what I heard so please take that with a grain of salt, I have no idea of these government withdrawal workings.

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  2. On 4/14/2021 at 5:48 PM, TomH said:

    Glad you sold it.. Hard to believe I paid 6G for mine new....and they are at this price now. Oh well. It paid for itself and had a ton of fun along the way :yesss:

    Tom H.


    You have got your moneys worth out of that by far, no matter if was in gold or not! Lots more AU to you Tom!

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  3. Hey thanks Chris, I enjoyed the show as well. I agree, the best part was the cowboys campsite in the Sierras. Those are some brave guys to continue going up there after knowing there is something else out there. The audio recordings were quite amazing and would scare the crap out of me if I was up there, not sure I would be hollering back! The disappearances are really weird too, did you notice a "cluster" on the map located in AZ. Looks like it may have been the Bradshaw's.

  4. 2 hours ago, Bedrock Bob said:

    That GOP flavored Kool Aid you have been drinking is making your teeth yellow. It is not doing your reasoning abilities any favors either.

    The coronavirus vaccine has none of the ingredients you mention nor is it injected into the bloodstream. 

    Just in case you are interested in facts.

    Fact is I didn't say the Covid vaccine, did I. But thank you for your expected low brow response. Your bullying, name calling, and constant need to get the last word in has ruined this forum. I knew when you were allowed back on here that it would go to hell and it has. You've run off many members with this crap and inability to have a real discussion. You actually have posted zero "facts", anybody that just believes what you have to say is foolish.

    Please show me an actual ingredient list from a manufacturer and the msds sheets that should go along with it.


    Here is a list from the cdc website for many other vaccines. People just need to do their own research and decide if they want this stuff in their bodies. They should not be bullied, forced or peer pressured into doing this. This thread has been completely one sided and should be quite embarrassing for pro-vaccine people with the unprofessionalism, teasing and name calling. I would be disappointed if my team played ball like that.




    1 hour ago, LukeJ said:

    Thanks! A none caveman type response.

    Yes, maybe not in a covid vaccine. But DNA, RNA coding from aborted cells is used to develop the vaccine and is replicated in the vaccine. Is it not? I am not claiming to be a scientist or vaccine know-it-all, but would like to be fully aware of what I am going to put into my body.

    Human and animal cells are used in other vaccines as well as the other ingredients I mentioned earlier. This thread is lacking that information for people to make their own decisions or spark interest in their own research on the topic.


    2 hours ago, Bedrock Bob said:

    The misinformation about the vaccine you read here is all a product of politics. Pointing that out is not political. It is simply a fact.

    Again with the "facts", show me.


    1 hour ago, Bedrock Bob said:

    The Chinavirus vaccine is made from Satan's ejaculate. 

    Yet more meaningful discussion from Bob. Glad things like this are posted and congratulated. :rolleyes:



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  5. Vaccines, where else can I get aborted fetus DNA, bovine extract, monkey cells and glycol shot directly to my bloodstream. Surely in such small amounts it cant possibly effect me in anyway...

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  6. Need this gone. The wife has been nagging me for a new range, " You buy these detectors but I cant get a decent oven that works right!".

    Please help...

    Price drop for nuggetshooter members $2200.

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  7. Selling my GPX 5000. I bought a modded 5000 I couldnt pass on so no need for this one anymore. It's nice, works great and includes some extras. Go get yourself some gold!


    2 - 10" Commander mono

    1 - 10" Commander DD

    1-  15" Commander elliptical mono

    1 - AZO cover with battery holder and short power cable

    2 - Minelab lith batterys

    2 - Wall chargers

    1 - Car charger

    1 - Harness and curly power cord

    2 - Swing assist stick things

    1 - Garrett headphones

    1 - External speaker

    1 - Minelab finds bag


    $2500          Located in Cottonwood, AZ. Can meet within hour or so drive. Please p.m. me your number and I will call you. Shipping at buyers expense. Thanks!




  8. Hi Scott,

    Find yourself this book I posted a pic of. I used to live in Colorado Springs and this book got me on the gold while I lived in CO. I also used to visit the Colorado Springs Public Library which had more books and maps on placering and old claims in Colorado then you could ever read in a lifetime. There is many lost small placers and mines worth investigating if you take the time. Also the major past workings still produce gold for those willing to do the work and research to find open ground which is abundant, again, if you take the time to research.



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